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  1. Copper plating the hull really consists of 2 steps: a) making the copper plates and b) mounting them on the hull. There are a lot of examples of how the plates can be made. I followed a lead in one of the build logs and used diabetes needles to generate the nail imprint. There is also a nice little micro press which I bought at Micro Mark which can be used for stamping the plates. Or the plates can be bought already finished from Blue Jacket or other companies. Mounting the plates just needs a little 'dry practicing' until one gets the hang of it. The finished result is normally quite rewarding. Thomas
  2. Beautiful gun rigging! As usual I am amazed how fast you went through the rigging of the carronades! It took me forever to get them finished. Thomas
  3. Beautiful planking job, B.E.! This will become another wonderful addition to your model fleet 🙂 Thomas
  4. Each detail in your model turns out to be a little masterpiece on its own! Thomas
  5. Thank you, Johann, for explaining the making of your rings. It is very nicely explained, sounds pretty easy, and I know it is not. It takes some pretty advanced craftsmanship to get this sort of thing done with the kind of results which you always show. Thomas
  6. Johann, I am always in awe of your craftsmanship! I guess these metal hoops are (silver) soldered together from thin brass strips? How do you fix them in position during the soldering to achieve the desired ring diameter? Thomas
  7. Who produces these plans? Can they be bought somewhere? Right now I just try to find out what options exist to build a good model of the Alabama. This is more to decide on my next project as I still have to finish my current Syren build . Thomas
  8. I noticed that Bluejacket is also selling the Alabama plans separately. Having seen the plans do you think these plans are good enough/ detailed enough to be used for scratch building the Alabama? Thomas
  9. Great progress, Jesse! I envy you Thomas
  10. Gahm


    Outstanding model! Absolutely beautiful! Thomas
  11. Gahm

    English Pinnace by Tigersteve

    What a beautiful model! Thomas
  12. Beautiful planking, BE! Thomas
  13. Super! Wonderful detail, wonderful craftsmanship! Thomas

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