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  1. H.M.S. Victory diorama.

    Wow! That is quite impressive! Excellent job! Thomas
  2. H.M.S. Victory diorama.

    Amazing diorama, wonderful work! How did you make all these crew members? Thomas
  3. La belle

    Wonderful model, outstanding craftsmanship! Thomas
  4. That is a really nice looking model! Well done! Thomas
  5. IMG_4779.JPG

    That is an impressive collection you can be proud of! Beautiful! Thomas
  6. P1010870.JPG

    Wonderful model! And your water display is amazing! Did you carve the figures? Thomas
  7. Beautiful model! It looks very realistic! Thomas
  8. 9.jpg

    I can only agree with Dan . . . the detailing and weathering you have done is outstanding! A fantastic model! Thomas
  9. VASA18

    What a beautiful model! Thomas
  10. DSCF3402

    Wow . . . that leaves me speechless . . .!!
  11. DSC02507 wett

    These are fantastic little boats, Johann! Outstanding craftsmanship! Thomas
  12. DSC02285

    Fantastic work, Johann! Thomas
  13. IMG 1816

    Beautiful model! Thomas
  14. 1

    Beautiful model! Excellent craftsmanship! Thomas
  15. Full Hull

    What a fantastic model!! Thomas