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  1. 005_02.jpg

    Excellent placement of individual shrouds. Tough to do. I applaud you.
  2. 203_1940.jpg

    Did a bit of research on types of rigs. What your model has is the lateen rig. The Marconi rig (still not sure of where the term comes from) is the most typical of modern sailing rigs -- where the triangular sail is secured at its luff (leading edge) to the mast (or to a forestay).
  3. 203_1940.jpg

    I'm not sure either what the "Marconi" rig entails or where the term comes from. I was just curious because whatever its called its an unusual style of rig.
  4. 203_1940.jpg

    Wonderful model and exquisite work. Thanks for sharing it. Question: is this what is known as a 'Marconi' or Lateen rig? It appears all the sails are hung from gaff booms.
  5. A 3/4 finished kit because I chose not to go beyond to the first level of masts. This ship should be thought of as in the process of being rigged. Its obviously not yet ready for sea. The rigging I did do is of my own creation; done solely to allow for some lines to be run and to give it a nautical feel. Reading rigging plans proved too tedius for me and of course without the upper masts and yards there was no way to rig it properly. The fun and beauty of the build (I believe) is in the detail work both on and below deck. Hope you enjoy.
  6. DSCN2466

    Mike,so glad you put this build in a gallery. I hadn't realized before what a great job you'd done.
  7. Tn gallery 1526 572 28798

    Keith, I thought it was about time to thank you for this great gallery. I'm doing the same kit and your closeups answer so many questions for me that the kit's pictures leave vague. So thanks for taking the time to post these.