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  1. This build log is in my opinion the cream of build logs. I have used it extensively. I hope for BE's sake this is resolved. Scary thought if not!
  2. Welcome along Dave.
  3. Hi Eric, welcome on board. You could do worse than find a similar build and take pointers from that. Is Cutter Cheerful by Rafine a similar model? There are many more suited than me to giving practical advice. Two things I do find invaluable are my homemade "files". A piece of medium grade sandpaper glued to a length of 40mm X 20mm wood and another glued round a 40mm waste pipe. These have been better than any commercially available file for getting the hulls shaped well in my opinion. Good Luck
  4. Hi, Welcome to MSW. Don't glue directly to the ship, not with any glue. Put a wee bit on a plate or something and transfer it. Gluing directly will end in tears every did for me anyway!
  5. When it comes to building quality we have less in common Matti, your work is very impressive. Merry Christmas.
  6. I have just noticed what a pig-sty the workshop looks in these pictures. I has had a major overhaul and looks a lot more useable now.
  7. Merry Christmas everybody. I fully hope to be making real progress on Pegasus now. Here are a few pictures of the Dollshouse I built my Mum.
  8. Oh dear! I wandered off again. Pegasus has been laid up in dry dock for the last couple of years as I built a dolls house for my Mother. One of my sisters bought the kit of parts 10 years ago thinking my Dad would complete it. This did not happen and Mother lost patience. So I stepped in and made a go of it. I also have another little project on the go which is for my wife. This is the only thing between me and Pegasus now though.
  9. Welcome Alan. I too watched more than spoke. I then resolved to be more active. However, I have laid up my build for the time being as I am building a Dolls house for my mother. This has got out of hand as only a modellers effort at a simple task can. I have hand made the windows, am laying real slate tiles and individual floorboards. Even the lighting has taken on a life of its own as I have made a circuit for dimming and random lighting. Good luck with your build, I will join you soon!
  10. Hi Bob, One of the beauty's of the Cutty Sark is that it still exists. If you google Cutty Sark Flags the first hits all show the Red Ensign. I wander past reasonably regularly and am sorely tempted to make the cs next. A visit to London May be on the cards for you! Greenwich is wonderful, the National Maritime museum is fascinating and London is surely a contender for best city in the world. That's a contentious statement, but only my opinion.
  11. DAYS - The Kinks.
  12. Once you have short listed some kits it may be worth seeing if anybody has any build logs, for me this would be a contributing factor. I am building HMS Pegasus. If it were not for some of the excellent build logs I would be in real trouble. I am not suggesting Pegasus by the way, maybe for a second build!
  13. New

    No need to be sorry. It made us put our thinking caps on. I often mistake quotes, I attribute them to Churchill or some such and they were invariably spoken by Homer Simpson!
  14. Hello Gary, It sounds like you have a full ship yard there already. I am 1/2 way through my second build in 4 years! Welcome along anyway.
  15. For what is worth. In my opinion, build the ship you want to. If the build ends up slightly on the simple side you will be more inclined to add your personal touches and the build be more satisfying. That is how I felt for my first build.