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  1. Hi there I just found this string as I am in the same stage. My scratch build Bluenose is 1:24 scale, so I also have many different issues due to large size. I may want to go with furled sails if i have the ability to de-step masts and travel, and maybe go with full sails if I try to sail the boat.....therefor I am experimenting. as to your comment on plans, the Lunenburg Bluenose II gift shop sells the Phillip Eisnor plans as does the modleshipbuilder site. they are drawn to 1/4 scale for the boat and the sail plan is 1/8 in. they are very good cheers jon
  2. Thanks for the added advice. I have painted brass chain black for static and found it is OK but not all covering. One needs to thin the paint and then be ready to touch up after installing. I would agree, now that I have tried it, blackening is better. I will look into tinning, but will likely stick to paint as this schooner will get moved around. I like the pencil idea and will try it on both silver and aluminum color. Thanks again...I will comment in my build log after trial and error Cheers
  3. Thanks guys. What I get is paint is the way to replicate galvanized fittings or chain. Thanks for quick response Jon
  4. I am trying to build a 1894 schooner. In this Era I find from many photos the turnbuckles ,shackles and chains were galvanized. Moving forward the chain plates were too, but many were painted out with the hull. I am using brass tube and stuff for the turnbuckles. I could use quick blackening to start if that is helpful. Is there anything better than silver paint to get to a likeness of galvanized? Ditto for chain. Most is coated brass I think. Thanks for any help
  5. Anton I need to make 70 plus for a 4 master schooner. I bought 200 cap screws 0 x 90 say 11$ then 3/32 brass tube and 1/16 rod for support while filing. I crimp the cap screws into the tube and the each turn but don't pull out. I then make either ring or clevis. This works for 1:48 scale where I need them to be under 4 feet up top or nearly 5 feet 1.25 inch for the shrouds. If smaller say 1:96 I used 1/16 tube and copper wire glued in or perhaps solder if under any Load. I am still an amateur at this but am researching and thought to share. There are photos on my link. Cheers