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  1. Dave, Jason thank you so much for your replies. For the moment I'm thinking to place one by one those backstays. I made a false splice, served loop around the mast.. The painful step is to seize the loops on the model... Kindest regards!
  2. Hi Jim, so glad to hear from you. Keep in touch !
  3. Another question of interest for the backstays... Should I place them served or not (around the mast)? Should I place them one by one or as a pair? Thank you.
  4. Hi Jason I'm affraid there is no space now to create a hole to fix a deck (?) cleat without a risk for the other fittings... My 2nd choise is to find a possible "free" belaying pin to attach line 5... Btw, any news from Jim?
  5. Hopefully I recall from memory a couple of posts of those days between me, Jason and Jim.... No 5 bulwark cleat is a plan error. So glad to realize (again) it.!!
  6. Thank you Dave I try to keep some lines loose but it's too difficult to preserve the tension you want especially between "co-operated" fittings.. In the mean time I'm seeing that i forgot to place and fix that cleat (mentioned as No 5 for the line of main mast back stay).... No happy at all to do it now, especially between the carronades and other structures in place...
  7. Hi guys. Still working on the main-mast back stays... This time I'm trying to figure out the right arrangement between backstays lines and belaying pins. I think that the respective "dock-numbers" on the plan are wrong. Any idea?
  8. Hi Dave and thank you so much for your time to provide us such useful info!! All the best. Stergios
  9. Thank you all for your replies. It was my fault to show you a wrong initial picture... I'm asking you about the threads noted in the circle (see pic below) ...... Those are different ropes, A 1mm and B 0,75 mm and I dont think those are the topmast backstays... Apart for the issue of the serving I'm trying to realize their orientation and final (could be a yard ??) attachment . Thank you again.
  10. Thank you Dave. I still can't understand their role and orientation. Am I dealing with those so-called "main topmast halliards" (L. Petersson page 39)? Studying the Snake plans I'm not seeing any connection with the yards.... Any advise from someone senior modeller? Thank you.
  11. Now ready to place the main mast back stays and those (spotted in red) ropes structures (i'm not sure about their terminology). A question in brief: I've applied serving at the upper 1/5 of the shrouds of the main mast, those days. Should I continue the some way (serving) of those rope structures, too? Thank you
  12. Mizzen mast backstays almost ready. Next stop the main mast backstays.
  13. Bowsprit mast initial rigging accomplished. I'm about to remove it to keep it away of the ship till its final fixing and rigging [to preserve it against unexpected accidents].

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