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  1. I essentially do what Downer said at the top of this thread. I also work wearing 5x glasses. I wonder whether or not those having problems are using magnification as they allow me to see when I'm getting off course on a butt end much easier and prevent me from getting to far afield before making a correction. Just a thought.
  2. barkeater

    Coiling Lines Option

    Another trick you can use is double sided tape. Stick one side to your work surface and the coil your lines using the sticky tape to keep in place. You can the use watered down white glue to fix the coils. Let it dry and remove from tape. I used this method to get the coils next to the canons in this picture.
  3. barkeater

    When to use what glue?

    I apologize if my comment was taken as a criticism to Kieth's post. I thought it was a good answer and I did see he was referring to styrene. I just wanted to make sure that somebody who just bought their first wood kit did not miss that the discussion was about plastic models.
  4. barkeater

    When to use what glue?

    A note to the beginner, the choice of glues would depend on what medium you are working in. In this instance, the model is plastic.
  5. I used a piece of driftwood for a stand on Badger 1777.
  6. barkeater

    Pet Peeves

    People who zoom through a parking lot on a corner where there is a red light rather than waiting for the light to change to make the turn.
  7. barkeater

    Hello from New Jersey

    I'm by Freehold, but I come up to the Long Valley area a lot as I fly fish the South Branch and the Musconetcong. Beautiful area.
  8. barkeater

    Hello from New Jersey

    Greetings back from NJ
  9. The Construction and Fitting of the Sailing Man of War 1650-1850 by Peter Goodwin The Arming and Fitting of English Ships of War 1600-1815 by Brian Lavery Rigging Period Ship Models by Lennarth Petersson
  10. I use a Byrnes draw plate. I work in 1/48 scale and go down to a 28 or 26 on the plate which I like the look of. I use a #72 drill bit and this is about .4mm. I don't think a Dremel would work for me at this scale since getting them uniform without breaking would be tough. I like wood tree-nails over the alternatives some of which I've tried. My comment was written with humor in mind. I've done thousands of tree-nails and knocked out a bunch today. It's just that when you are on your 10th or 11th piece, you have to be saying to yourself, "I hate tree-nails".
  11. I hate making tree-nails. To me it is the most tedious job there is, but they look so good that I tree-nail everything. I tried using thorns from a locust tree but I did not think they looked as good. So I will sit today watching sports and pulling little pieces of bamboo through my draw plate. Making blocks or pieces for gun carriages can be repetitive, but in the end you get something to look at other than a thin piece of wood that is just skinnier than when you started. Oh well, the game is coming on so it is back to my draw plate. Thanks for listening. What do you hate?
  12. barkeater

    Hello from Upstate NY

    Shean, Welcome to the site. I grew up in Gloversville NY. Your first build is always a little daunting. I remember looking at the instructions for my first build and wondering, "Is this all the instructions I get?". There are plenty of modelers here to ask for advice. Have fun. Rich
  13. barkeater

    Hello from Freehold NJ

    Thank you for the kind words. I put pictures of the Badger in the completed scratch build section if you want to see more.
  14. The Badger was the first command of Admiral Lord Nelson when he was a Lieutenant. It was probably American made by the looks of it's construction. He sailed in the West Indies chasing smugglers.
  15. Hello, I joined a while back but haven't posted. I am a scratch builder having completed Badger 1777 Nelson's first command and am currently working on L'Unite 1796 which served as his flag ship on his way to take command of the Mediterranean fleet. Both are 1/48 scale. I do plank on bulkhead and am rather slow. Currently I'm 2 1/2 years into the L'Unite and am working on the main wale which I'm doing in ebony. I like to keep everything in natural wood. I like to tree-nail everything and I try not to use anything prefabricated. Well, that's my story.

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