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  1. The hull lined out completely. Garboard strakes in place. Plus one...the imperfections of the hull now stand out. Also I repaired the transom. and of course the lining on the transom looks terrible, now that I take a picture. Hmmm...I like the look of the starboard better. I'm going to plow ahead with my plan to plank symmetrically, one strake on each side.
  2. Nicely done.
  3. I have dry fitted the foremast. Finished the aft cabin mostly. Door handles were too much for me. They are actually functional! Lots of CA all over my fingers.
  4. I have a new and improved jig to hold the model as I plank I was worried about the bow breaking. I am continuing to line out my hull. I had placed three planks but ripped them off when I got possessed by Chuck. I am fearful of the transition from lined out hull to actual planking. It seems that every strake will need thinning along the entire length, Ihave twenty strokes at midship at frame number 12. The plans do give detailed planking drawings.
  5. Ugh, spend about 30 seconds bending the tiniest hinge ever then spend 5 minutes looking for it on the floor.
  6. A little hammer and anvil turned out best result. I found those chainplates? To be the hardest part of this build so far. Here's a photo update. Those cabins were way more involved than I anticipated. I have one done and am working on the other.
  7. I am channeling Chuck P. tonight and lining off my hull.
  8. Just bought the 18th Century Longboat kit and wood upgrade kit from Crown Lumber...I guess I have my next build...
  9. Just confirming, that looked like a Cheerful hull in the videos...?
  10. I've been working on the cabins between getting frustrated with working with brass. I've never done anything like this. I am super impressed with myself. I did not think that veneer would wrap around the edge like it did.
  11. Searching on the site I found that if you heat brass up, even if it cools down it will be softer, looks like I need a torch of some sort. Also found I might be making an order with micro mark for some appropriate metal working tools. Gotta love new tools!
  12. I just gotta say, I really like the implementation in the gallery. It's so much easier to check out finished builds now! Thank you again. Sincerely Cannon Fodder
  13. I might need large vice grips, was able to flatten in but then it snapped off, and like you said kinda chewed up...
  14. Pics, and the step I'm on for the above question.