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  1. Nicely done.
  2. Just bought the 18th Century Longboat kit and wood upgrade kit from Crown Lumber...I guess I have my next build...
  3. Just confirming, that looked like a Cheerful hull in the videos...?
  4. Welcome, I too live in the Seattle area and am new to ship modeling and MSW.
  5. The reviews were worth the click. LOL
  6. I am a Nurse Practitioner and work in the specialty of Epilepsy currently.
  7. I just bid on the Emma C Berry, interesting hull to build. You have point about the Swift though, I might have to do that one too. And the longboat. And voila I have a list of builds to do... Dr. I need help.
  8. My fascination with ships of war is Has been cemented with reading Master and Comander by Patrick O'Brian. And since I don't have quite the space yet to take up something like the Syren, I am leaning towards the Armed Virginia Sloop. Smaller ship but with cannon however not too many. Anyone whose has experience withy his kit have opinions?
  9. There are alot of good remarks about his designs, I am afraid of the four I should only consider the longboat. Lots of builds here of it. Very similar to what I am finishing fundamentally albeit more complex with frames versus bulkheads. The Emma C. Berry looks interesting. Similarly rigged sails. I might actually use those instructions to help me finish the Jolly boat. The instructions on the Jolly are poor at best. All I have to go on right now is "The hard part is over, just follow the pictures." 18th Century Longboat by Chuck vs Emma C. Berry- the longboat would probably win out since there are a ton of builds in the community thing going. The Syren by Chuck is on my list for when I feel confident enough with further acquired/practiced skills. I have come across some "practicums" out there. Something like the Phantom? Anyone have comments on those.
  10. I am working on completing my first wood model ship, Bounty Jolly Boat from AL. I really like the look of Model Shipway's Fair American and it's large scale. But I am afraid I have not the skill to do it justice. Is there another smaller build any of you would recommend to build to help me get there? Maybe a couple more boats. I am in no hurry but have learned that i like this hobby. Thanks in advance Cannon Fodder
  11. How about for Seattle, WA, USA? The local hobby shop had nothing I was interested in building.
  12. Thanks, everyone. Just ordered it and found it for 20$ off. And omg reading material!
  13. Hey folks, I am new to the site. I staring to gather the tools for my first build, the HMS Bounty Jolly Boat. I plan on starting a build log. Happy New year.