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  1. She's a beauty alright.I love the colors of this ship when any of you guys build her,she will be a stunner when finished Sir Kevin
  2. If you are concerned about it Smore the very bottom of the pontoons would be the same color as the bottom of the plane and it shows in the pic look at the forward part of the back pontoon and the piece jutting out the bottom of the front pontoon at the rear.Camo.
  3. work continues today with airbrushing sky grey for the last time... im a little sad. hey proud you should for finishing the job with dedication both to the build itself and working to make it as authentic as possible for that I give you an A
  4. Those Arados details are nice and what's with the red on the platforms?
  5. That is a beautiful build Bob! Kevin
  6. Scott I thought the it looked kinda good with paint missing like another touch of weathering?Probably esp. after you highlighted it some more? kevin
  7. Looks Great! Now on to the display case? Kevin
  8. A frigg'in pro brother got to call it quits time for a Scotch.
  9. I think the weathering/highlights look just fine.A story I was painting a Ki-45 Nick 1/48 pale green/darker blotches with the dark blotches done by brush.I did 1/2 of the plane about 1 1/2 hrs of work put it down and came back later the next day actually.I started repainting and crap the blotches were turning out different and the pattern was off??It's all a creative process and one cannot always tap the mood from the day before it was the 2nd time this occurred now I paint in one sitting.Keep that in mind and the formula you used if you walk away keep the paint with the kit. Kevin I know this from a long ways back but just something I have learned.Now back to pg6 got lots of catching up.
  10. Will be popping in and watching Nice start! Kevin
  11. Scott what an outstanding build you have got going here still got pages to look at but work in my shop beckons.I want to share with you a build a fella is doing of the Eugen in doc/dio and plant a seed for lights maybe on Big Mo if you go down that path.This is his build log https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=171&t=123675 and if I may a pic and weathering is spot on Kevin

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