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  1. Welll done. Its a dream build, something to be really proud of. DAVID
  2. Greetings all Could anybody tell me if it is possible to add dialogue between photos when you post. Thanks a lot DAVID
  3. Hello michael Here's a photo to help you with fairing at the bows . Head down get on with it!!! DAVID
  4. Hello Rich Yep both leaning back. Have look at sheet number 1. DAVID
  5. Thanks a lot Richard Thanks for the photos. It's coming along fine. Take your time and enjoy your build. Well done . Best regards DAVID
  6. Hello Richard It might be a good idea to post us a few pictures, so we can all see the stage you are at. There will be plenty of members following your build, and it would be helpful for us all to see how your build is progressing, and give advice if necessary. Best regards DAVID
  7. Hello michael I thought you had passed that stage. Others may give you advice on this, and maybe better advice, which will prob include soaking. What I did was give the strips a good sanding. and added a slight taper at the front of the strip for approx 2" for a lead in, and tapped it through the slots, with no problems, but that was only me. Regards DAVID
  8. Hello michael As I said I planked both decks with four butt shift, but Rich is correct, very little is seen of the deck. I dont know what you mean about the 5 mm ply on the canons and curve. DAVID
  9. Hello michael Always nice to see another jotika build starting. Just enjoy it but take your time. Here's a bit of advice, prob the road you know, but maybe not. Before you start fitting any bulkheads sand down the bearding line on the keel while you can, lay it flat. ( See page 3 of your manual, ...before planking the hull... ). Maybe fit supports in the keel for mounting pillars while you can. See my Diana log. As I said prob the road you know. Regards DAVID
  10. Greetings Got your message, I will send jig as soon as I get back home on Friday. I am probably totally wrong, but how close to the bottom of the keel are the two ply plates,you have fitted across the hole for the display rods? I cannot tell from the photo you have posted. Sorry if I am telling you the road you know, but they need to be set high enough up for your planking to clear them. Regards DAVID
  11. Excellent packaging. Well done.
  12. Greetings young man It's me!!!!! Have a look at admiralty shipmodels. They box up and deliver their own completed models. They show their simple way for the buyer to collect. They also deliver with their secure and customized packaging, and you can contact them. They say they will send you details of their optimized and customized packaging. And they use UPS when they send their own products. So how they do it might help. I can give some good ideas I have, but I know you will only shout at me, Regards DAVID
  13. Greetings all Here's a model of the Trincomalee, DAVID
  14. Greetings all Yes it's well worth a visit, I have been to see it three times in the past few months and I live a ten minute walk from it. There is also a small museum on the site relating to the history of Hartlepool, and the restored PPS Wingfield Castle Paddle Steamer. I am not sure if it is used as a cafe, but it a real mess and looks like it's been neglected. I remember the Trincomalee arriving in Hartlepool in late 1980, and it was called the HMS Foudroyant but as most of you will know it had a name change to the Trincomalee. if you don't want to drive here, the best bet is Kings Cross direct to Hartlepool, no changes on the grand central train. Only three hours. I have lots of photos of the ship including below deck if you want me to post any, but I know lots have been posted before. If you come don't mention the hanging of the monkey, as we still have some rope left over. I am off now, I am going to Greenwich on Saturday for a look around the Cutty Sark and the National Maritime museum. My sons house is a 30 minutes DLR run from Greenwich. I am spoilt. If you need any info about the trinc or visiting just give me a bell. Just noticed POMPEY 2 has posted about 1000 dam photos of it !!!!!! It's a waste of time me posting any LOL . Cheers DAVID
  15. Just found your log. Excellent work throughout. Just keep enjoying it, and post lots of photos . Well done...DAVID