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  1. Welll done. Its a dream build, something to be really proud of. DAVID
  2. Greetings all Here's a model of the Trincomalee, DAVID
  3. Greetings all Yes it's well worth a visit, I have been to see it three times in the past few months and I live a ten minute walk from it. There is also a small museum on the site relating to the history of Hartlepool, and the restored PPS Wingfield Castle Paddle Steamer. I am not sure if it is used as a cafe, but it a real mess and looks like it's been neglected. I remember the Trincomalee arriving in Hartlepool in late 1980, and it was called the HMS Foudroyant but as most of you will know it had a name change to the Trincomalee. if you don't want to drive here, the best bet is Kings Cross direct to Hartlepool, no changes on the grand central train. Only three hours. I have lots of photos of the ship including below deck if you want me to post any, but I know lots have been posted before. If you come don't mention the hanging of the monkey, as we still have some rope left over. I am off now, I am going to Greenwich on Saturday for a look around the Cutty Sark and the National Maritime museum. My sons house is a 30 minutes DLR run from Greenwich. I am spoilt. If you need any info about the trinc or visiting just give me a bell. Just noticed POMPEY 2 has posted about 1000 dam photos of it !!!!!! It's a waste of time me posting any LOL . Cheers DAVID
  4. Hello Jon I am pretty sure you have been around for a while. As for your next build the HMS Agamemnon you know there are plenty of builds about, so as we keep saying there is loads of advice when needed, and lots of new friends. I am myself building the Diana which I have only just restarted after being missing for a year with the loss of my Wife. You will be inundated with help about the photos, but my Box Brownie gave me problems. I use an iPad which is so simple to upload with, you can be shown in a couple of minutes, but as I say you will given lots of advice. I spend a lot of time down at our sons in London now, and am never away from Greenwich the Cutty Sark and the maritime museum , which is only a forty minute tube ride from Edgware. Anyway I wish you an happy new year and enjoy your model ship world experience . Best regards DAVID
  5. Greetings all I also have a logging in problem. In the past I simply tapped the model ship world icon on my iPad. Now I have to log in every time I visit the site, even with the remember me box ticked. On my iPhone I never need to log in, I simply press the model ship world icon and I am in. When visiting the site a dozen or more times a day on the iPad this gets very frustrating to say the least. I just want to stay logged in!!!!!!! DAVID
  6. Greetings Mark Thanks for visiting. No there is no lead used at all. What area do you mean ??? DAVID
  7. Greeting all. Well at last the ship is in it's case. And I am more than pleased with the out come. Yes in real it looks outstanding, but as we see from the photos there are problems with the photo quality which honestly don't do it justice. Ignore completely the strip lights, we have tried everything we can think of to get decent photos of the ship in its case showing the complete case. All the photos are very fuzzy , and this was the same without the front section fitted. I have a feeling it is the blue walls, which were magnolia in the old shipyard , and I noticed this as soon as I move into the new yard. Close ups are ok but if I move back about 2 - 3 mtrs everything is fuzzy. Reflection is an issue that was expected . I use an ipad for all my photos and have used my canon powershot and eos 450d all with no improvement. Does anybody have any idea how I can solve this problem. Maybe filters, or am I expecting to much as the ship does really look good . I have dragging all our visitors up to the yard to show them and getting loads of WOWS!!!! Here's some photos and a couple of distant ones. DAVID
  8. Greetings all Well it's been a long time since my last update. The job came to a stand still for various reasons. Any way we are now back on track as we delivered all the frames to my house today, after acquiring the lend of a trailer. The Admiral was taken aback when she seen the size of the frames, and not very happy when I gave her a present which was squirty glass cleaner. In no uncertain terms she told me to get my own window cleaner. So now it is time to assemble the case which is only eight screws. The lighting will prob need adjusting , or may not been be suitable, and need sorting out. I cannot get any decent photos of the frames because of the size. I have had an engraved description plate made, so with a bit of luck we should be sorted out soon. Regards DAVID
  9. Hello Tim No prob. I would say however I have just finished my first build which is the caldercraft victory and really enjoyed it with all the help that I needed throughout the build, and you are never short of advice. Any way good luck with whatever you decide on , and I look forward to following your log once it starts. No prob at all , thanks for offering . Regards DAVID
  10. Greeting Tim Busy at the moment, I will get back to you later. It seems no prob. Don't think packaging will be a prob. Packaging company very close, I will pop over to get a box to suit . Don't worry I will get back to you. DAVID
  11. Greetings all Well there we go. All the glazing is completed, and we have decided to assemble and check the case in my new shipyard, which seems to be the best choice. So tomorrow we need to pick up a sheet of melamine and have a description plate made and engraved( I cannot think of what it is called ) at a small company in town. We will deliver the case frames to my house on a trailer we have borrowed for assy. Sorry no photos tonight, I forgot to take my ipad . I do have one concern. The Admiral does not realize the size of the case, so there is a chance it may not get over the doorstep. DAVID.
  12. Greetings Glenn Welcome to MSW, I am very lucky to be able to see this restoration work first hand as it progresses. And find your work amazing. Keep posting loads of photos and let us all enjoy your progress. Thanks for being a friend . DAVID
  13. Greetings all Well at last the replacement glazing has arrived after lots of phone call and promises. The company informed me last Thursday the product was out for delivery and I should receive it on Friday or at the latest Monday. Alas it did not turn up. The admiral decided she would chat to them on Monday afternoon and the glazing arrived this morning at 9am. It took about twenty hours!!!!!! I don't know what she said to them as I decided to leave the room when she made the call. OK tonight the final two frames will be glazed, and we can then assemble the completed case and check it out. So we should be able to have the ship in its case by the weekend. DAVID
  14. Greetings all Alas no glazing. I phoned my supplier today enquiring about the two sheets of acrylic I should have received today, which had not turned up. At the end of the call which got very confusing, it turned out they had dispatched the items last Tuesday which they had promised me in the first instance. They then contacted TNT who are the delivery company, and they appear to have lost them. I have been assured it will all be sorted tomorrow so we will see. This project should have been finished about ten days ago!!!! . Mike you asked about the pedestals. A friend made them for me. DAVID
  15. Greetings Glenn Its looking good . Well done. It's been really good to watch your progress and take photos .tell you what though charlie and smiley don't help a lot. DAVID