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  1. Hi Kat and welcome back to MSW, As I do remember you had progressed quite well with the Jolly Roger, I would suggest to pick up from where you left off. I am sorry to hear about complications and I hope you have recovered from them. No need to explain why, we are glad to see you back.
  2. Sorry for the late chime, Something I would like to see is 1920-1950 Motor Yacht POF 1:20-1:30 scale (not to small or not to large) Maybe removable superstructure to emphasize detailing. This is just an idea I like and found on the internet.
  3. The double sided for small parts is working for me very well, even for brush painting.
  4. Well, I just pulled up a comfy chair, Sjors please pass the popcorn, all we need now is the beverage from Mark. I am getting a little tired of my coffee.........
  5. Solö Ruff This is my build log of Solö Ruff, first an introduction of the boat itself. This boat was built by Storebro from a design by Einar Runius (1897-1967), a famous Swedish boat designer. It´s a truly elegant, cabin-boat combining elegance with ruggedness, roominess and comfort with the maximum in cockpit and deck utility. In all the Solö series, a total of 2800 models were built beetween 1951 and 1964: Solö Ruff I (1951-53) •Length: 6,85 meters •Breadth: 2,00 meters •Displ: 1,1 ton •Engine: Penta BB41 Solö Ruff II (1953-57) •Length: 7,00/7,15 meter •Breadth: 2,10 meter •Displ: 1,25 ton •Engine: Penta BB50 Solö Ruff III (1957-1959) •Length: 7,35 meter •Breadth: 2,44 meter •Displ: 1,30 ton •Engine: 1 or 2x Penta BB70 Solö Ruff IV (1959-64) •Length: 7,25 meter •Breadth: 2,20 meter •Displ: 1,25 ton Solö does not have any brass detailing but instead high polished steel. This is something I will try to highlight. She was built clinker style, either oak or mahogany. Mostly mahogany. This model is based on the 1960 boat which became the most popular one. ​Solö was intended for the international market and likewise it had a huge success. Still today many of the boats can be found at various Vintage Boat Shows. The most common engine was now Volvo Penta BB115. A very reliable and strong engine. Still Solo was capable of speeds up to 24 knots, but cruised best around 15 knots I hope you will enjoy this adventure with me. So let’s start with intro of the model kit. It’s a Nordic Class Boats by, manufactured by TurkModel. Historic reference is Lennart Ivarsson, Storebro Trading Credit should also go to Thomas Ahlander for the cover illustration. Upon opening the box I was greeted by a color paint schematic. This to help with painting the boat. The build process is not provided by any means in words as we normally have an instruction booklet of some kind. There is one sheet covering the parts and one sheet with a little recommendations, no instructions. The building process is very much like Billing Boats with sketches instead. But everything is easy to understand and straight forward. The hull is built in two halves to be glued together. Totally there is 8 sheets A3 format as for instructions. Solo can be built either as a static model or as a RC. She will be built as a static. All pieces except for the planking is laser cut to high quality. ​Edit: planking is laser cut as well due to profile and port/starboard separation. Some of the parts almost falls out by gravity. I am extremely happy and surprised by the keel piece. Even though the box itself is on the edge of being too small. The keel is straight as an arrow. So there is nothing to worry about in that matter. The kit is a plank on frame. I haven’t decided yet how to approach the engine as it would be great to have a 1:10 scale engine inside of her. How and where I would find such I don’t know. I will probably leave it out or make a coarse dummy. All the metal pieces are made out of Britannia metal. There is a flag that is accurate color wise. Included in the kit there is actually soft material for cushions. Now before starting anything: Here is some stats about the kit. Length: 72 cm, 2’ 4 11/32 “ Width: 22 cm, 8 21/32 “ Height: 20 cm, 7 7/8 “ Weight finished: ? Kg and ? Lbs The first thing is now to get a build foundation for the two halves. For that I am using shelf parts from the old office. It will work for now. I will also start working on varnish test as I like to get as close to the dark mahogany finish as possible for the hull. The deck will have a light finish. For the varnish I will start with Min-Wax products. Any questions and input is as usual very welcome.
  6. There is a company in Sweden making blocks. I have bought from them and the quality is high. The company name is Eskader located in Stockholm. Click the link and you have the blocks.
  7. Check this link out, might be helpful.
  8. Is that an Ibanez GRX90 TRB I see in the pictures?
  9. They are cut perfectly. You will see once I get the top plank installed. I could just imagine all the bevelling I would had to do otherwise.
  10. Will the landlord allow you to do something about the wallpapers? Because I think you might go nuts with that colour and pattern after a while. But it's great you have your own area for music and ships.
  11. This little boat has a fairly sharp bow, Take a look at the real thing, and a lot of work is needed for the model.
  12. Mark, Is that input by experience?
  13. John, How I wish to go sailing!
  14. One of the ads on my Facebook page was from Yachting World. When I clicked the link it took me directly to this video. So I couldn't resist to post it. Hope this works. I am sorry about the ad you have to watch prior the real thing! J-Yacht sailing
  15. Mike, The planks at the stem are all to be leveled. The boat is clinker built so there is a lot of sanding once all the planks are in place. I was wondering about it myself, but I have dry-fitted the remaining five planks. The planks are all laser cut! Which is amazing. And oh my, there will be shaping and sanding! Thank you for the observation, though!
  16. Totally agree with that statement too.....
  17. Mike, Yes, there is a squeeze mark from one of the clamps. I used wrong one at that time which was stronger than I expected. Will never use that clamp again.
  18. Hej Torbogdan or could it be Tor, I have been following your build log of the Fokker. Amazing job! That video clip with Mikael Carlsons flying was great as well. I found another link you may like. Click here to get there.
  19. That's bisarr, is this part of your build-log? I also found
  20. Time to make coffee to have along with the pie, I will add on with some ice-cream too.
  21. Waiting for my Swedish apple-pie to get done in the oven.
  22. This link I have here is about the Black Sails show and history.
  23. Brian, Black sails is broadcasted on Starz channel.
  24. Weflack, That picture with some editing can be taken for a painting. I like it very much.
  25. Chuck, As Kurt says, family is important and you only have one. Take care of them, we others can wait for parts and kits.