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    Pen turning, Guitar fingerstyle playing, Computer Games.

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  1. New member from South Florida

    and from Monterrey, Mexico.
  2. New member from France.

    Hello Marc from Monterrey, Mexico Spanish is my main language and I see your English is better than some Americans I've seen. I am a guitarist also. I hope your stay here will make you improve your ship building skills. I am currently building the French Royal Louis of 1780. Gorgeous ship, in my opinion.
  3. Most warm welcome Chris. Why I can not find any Mantua Vanguard kit anywhere? I've seen only a Victory Models (Amati) Vanguard. You sure of your information? Could you post a photo of the box? Best regards Ulises Edit. I just re-read the thread and notice that in one post you say Vanguard and in the next, Victory.
  4. hello from Reynella south aust

    Welcome to the best and friendliest ship modeling forum in the world. You will never be harshly criticized and always encouraged. Show us your work! Greetings!
  5. Hello all. Small update on my upcoming new workshop. These photos show the room I will use exclusively for ship building. It measures 2.63 x 3.56 mts I had ordered 5 work tables made specifically for this rooom. They will be all around it in a perfect fit. At this moment, it serves as a temporary storage place for my to-do kits. Bye all!
  6. What have you received today?

    Wow! What a nice toolbox!
  7. A quick clarification

    WOW! Anyone trying to replicate that rigging in a scale ship?!?!?
  8. New member

    A warm from Monterrey, Mexico I am sure you will get some help with your question from someone. Sorry it isn't me!
  9. A quick clarification

    Mikiek: I can't contribute to this post, but I have found it most interesting. Realistic or not, the frapping on the cannons tackle in your model looks very neat!
  10. Wolfram zu Mondfeld passed away

    He will be remembered long for his fine book. My condolences to his relatives and beloved ones!
  11. MSW Sick Bay.

    Hello all. I wish I never had to post in this thread: During the past few weeks I developed what's called "trigger finger" in my right middle finger. It is a painful situation in which, besides constant pain in the region where the finger joins the palm, when you bend the finger it "locks" and then it takes a very painful effort to get it straight back. I had surgery yesterday by a plastic surgeon with specialty in hand surgery. My right hand is still numb and sloppy. Can't use it for anything that requires finesse or precision... yet. This interrupts my ship building, my guitar playing, my pen turning and my house moving. I hope this ends soon!
  12. What have you received today?

    To me it is one of the classics.
  13. What a coincidence Bob. This book was given to me by my father in one of my earlier birthdays. I still have it and treasure it very much!
  14. , and if you are like most of us, you will not look back to build anything else!!! Greetings Ulises
  15. What have you received today?

    One of my biggest pleasures is receiving a new kit, and then go to my neighborhood cafe with the instructions and spend a full morning sipping coffee and perusing the booklet and building the kit in my head. By the time I start the actual build, I have built the kit in my head several times... and even so, mistakes still happen