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  1. Thanks John. I am using Domanoff's machine. I used to use a machine made by a friend of mine. This one worked on the principle that if you twist the threads long enough, they will start winding by themselves. This principle makes a very tight rope. In this machine I could put 2 3 4 5 6 threads to make thicker rope and it always came very tight and even. I love that machine. The only problem is that it only makes fixed lengths of rope, depending on how far you have both ends of the machine from each other. My dream was always to have a continuous-feed machine to make ropes as long as the thread you can put in the spools. Now I have 2 (Domanoff's and Byrnes') and still long for the quality of rope the first machine did. Guess you can't have everything. I have tried to make multiple-thread rope in my Domanoff with very poor results. Dissimilar tension in the threads seems to be the problem. Thanks for your input!
  2. Thanks all and especially Dee Dee. Placed a test order at Thread Needle Street. Wefalck: Yes I have some of those threads already. Will do some test soon. Thank you.
  3. Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. 2 hours drive South of Laredo, Texas. Never lived away except for a year (1979-1980) that I lived in Hollywood, CA while studying guitar.
  4. Hello all ropewalk users... where do you buy the threads in different diameters for use in your RW machines? I have googled and searched Amazon for some time now and came with nothing, or at least, very confusing stuff. I am looking for threads of different diameters (and at least two colors, for standing and running rigging), to make different diameters of rope, obviously. On older machines I used to twist 2, 3, 4, etc strands of thread to make thicker ropes, but this approach seems not to work very well in my Domanoff machine. Thank you in advance for your input. Ulises
  5. Hard to pick just 3. Knife, ruler and pencil?
  6. This is my Royal Louis as of May 19 2017
  7. Hello Dave. I have both the Byrnes and the Domanoff. Making my own rope has been an obsession for me since the early 90's when I built my Heller Victory. I am not surprised Byrnes is not making his machine anymore. Although Byrne's machines have rave reviews by every user I've heard from, his ropewalk was not a very successful one. I got very tired when using it, because you have to constantly keep turning the take up handle manually in order to keep the winding point within certain limits. That forces you to maintain your attention fixed on that point constantly and to me, that was very tiresome. The Domanoff... I have not had the time to fully test it, because I stupidly broke a couple of pieces while assembling it. Had to wait for Alexey to send me replacement parts (at no cost, except for shipping) and those pieces arrived to me yesterday. The Domanoff is fully automated so you don't have to fix your attention constantly on how it is performing. As I said, I haven't had enough time to fully test it, but intend to do it shortly. I have another machine which was made by a friend of mine. The problem with this is that it only makes ropes of a fixed length. The beauty is that the winding of the rope starts by itself once the threads have been twisted enough and the tension itself is what makes the winding to start. This feature is what makes perfect and very tight rope. Not sure this explanation makes any sense. Hope this helps. Ulises
  8. That is correct. Those ropes were stowed below the deck in giant coils.
  9. My (very small) stash is in my sig.
  10. Ditto . I know this product is used by plastic modelers as a hard shiny finish. I am wondering also what its use may be in wooden ships, that can not be done with wood-specific or designed for products. Anyway, Amazon sells it. https://www.amazon.com/Johnson-Pledge-Floor-Multi-Surface-Finish/dp/B000ARPH4C/ref=sr_1_3_s_it?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1494500227&sr=1-3&keywords=pledge+floor+care
  11. Hello Messis. Paint flat black and apply a VERY VERY LIGHT touch of silver or aluminum paint using DRY BRUSH TECHNIQUE. Tha DBT allows you to lay a super light and thin amount of paint that only highlights or accents the raised parts. It works for me. Rubbing graphite powder works very well also. Remember that in these processes, less is better. A minute amount of whatever you are using goes a long way. The most common mistake people do when learning these techniques is "Overdoing it" You see you are getting results and think that by keeping doing it it will get better. WRONG! Stop right there!
  12. It definitely looks like the S.R. I prefer to build the ship from the start than fixing a damaged one.
  13. Have to agree with the part of Alexey's customer service. I just got his ropewalk machine. He answered my many mails I sent him with questions the same day, I stupidly broke a couple of pieces when assembling it. He immediately sent replacements at no cost other than shipping. Thank you, Alexey. Good to have you with us!
  14. The judge says to the defendant: -How could you killed your wife after 40 years of marriage? -Well your honor, procrastinator that one is...
  15. Very nice ship. Congrats!