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  1. , and if you are like most of us, you will not look back to build anything else!!! Greetings Ulises
  2. What have you received today?

    One of my biggest pleasures is receiving a new kit, and then go to my neighborhood cafe with the instructions and spend a full morning sipping coffee and perusing the booklet and building the kit in my head. By the time I start the actual build, I have built the kit in my head several times... and even so, mistakes still happen
  3. What have you received today?

    Got this box from my customs broker today.... Hmmm... what this might be? Let's open it! Oopss... looks like I opened it from the wrong side... let's turn it over... OMGOMGOMG!!! THE SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS! ONE OF THE SHIPS IN MY DREAM LIST!!! Hehehe yesssss! Finally got my hands on this magnificent ship. Let's peek inside the box! Plenty of golden ornaments. There are about eight pieces like this one above Some things come premade like gratings, there is no planking other than the hull, as far as I can see. Al decks and chainwales come with the planking already scribed. I am not sure I'm going to like this or not. It will be easier and no doubt the final result will come out a lot cleaner... but still... Anyway I'm still not sure when I will start this one. I may finish my Royal Louis first, and then build this one and the San Felipe at the same time in my new workshop. Time will tell.
  4. Hobby iron to flatten sails

    It is so often that we find useful tools where we less expect it. My favorite plank bender is a hair curling iron, my favorite tool for pulling threads through hard to reach holes are some plastic thingies used by people to pull dental floss through their braces, my best cutting knifes are surgical scalpels. Dentists tools, hand/nail care tools... etc....
  5. We are Moving

    Wow! That is a super workshop space. Congratulations!

    Good luck with your move, Bill. I sympathize with you as I am at this very moment in the process of moving. Just bought a small house in a nice little town near my present hometown, which has become a very busy, crowded and expensive city to live in. I will have 3 bedrooms all for myself (no admiral of any kind, whatsoever ) , two of which will be used as wood working workshops. But the moving from a large to a small house is a chore. Best regards
  7. Black hulls..

    My last Constitution was plastic. I painted the hull "almost black". I never use Black paint in my models. There are very few things that are actually "pure" black. I like to use those non-blacks like Floquil's "weathered black" that were more like a very dark gray. Same with whites. Not even car or airplanes tires look ok when painted pure black.
  8. I can read novels in a Kindle or tablet, BUT books such as "The Art of Shipmodeling", "The Masting and Rigging of English Ships of War", to name just 2 out of the hundreds of similar books in the market, they MUST be in printed paper. The weight, the smell, the photographs in color or b/w... no way they will ever be replaced and welcomed by a digital version. I will surely miss the printed magazines if they ever go away.
  9. Hello i'm new here and to ship building

    Welcome, Derek. Hope you enjoy this hobby as much as most of us here!!!
  10. Wow! almost 29,000 members...

    That is what the numbers at the bottom of the main page say. I am wondering if there is a way to know how many out of those 29,000 are actually active. By active I mean how many post anything at least once a week, or something like that? Doubtful that there is such statistic, but there's no hurt in asking.
  11. Is there a true POF kit in the market?

    I was checking the site. This ship is available only for Italian residents. grrrrr
  12. Rigging Tightness

    One trick that has helped my with the re-adjustment of lines before final setting is (this works mostly on belaying pins) I pass the thread through the hole of the belaying pin and then use the pin to "plug" the thread in the hole. This way it is just a matter of loosing the pin with a tweezers and the line becomes loose so it can be re-adjusted later. Hope this makes sense.
  13. Is there a true POF kit in the market?

    Absolutely agree with you. I just hope I have enough life, steady hands and good eyes to do all I want to. Have some stuff in my stash already and I still want more. Good thing I will have a proper workshop and time to work on more than a project at a time pretty soon
  14. We are Moving

    I am exactly in the same process, Michael. Just bought a small house far, but not "too" far from Monterrey my home city. Just a 30-40 min drive so I can come to do stuff that has to be done here like picking up my foreign packages, see my dentist, Saturday breakfast with my friends... etc. Moving is a chore, but I look forward to have 2 full bedrooms at my disposal to do whatever I want to do in them, like woodworking and shipbuilding workshops I am soooo excited