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  1. Ulises Victoria

    Byrnes Rope Walk

    Meredith... what do you mean when you say "6 strands"?
  2. Ulises Victoria

    Byrnes Rope Walk

    Meredith!!! You are having way better results than me. The good thing is that now I am convinced that it's me not the machine who is getting bad results. Can you elaborate on what threads sizes you used? Did you try to make one thick line by starting with thin thread and then using that same thread to make a thicker one? I have followed all of Jim's advise and tips above, but I think my mistake is in the size of the die hole I am using. @Jim: What if I drilled my dies wrong? Can I purchase some more? And I am sure I will eventually lose one of those plastic washers. Can I purchase some more too?
  3. Ulises Victoria

    Byrnes Rope Walk

    Hello all. I was also very frustrated today. I made several attempts and did not get anything right. I used several diameters of thread and the result always unraveled. (Left handed rope is that that tightens when you twist it from right to left?) I put the machine to spin CCW. My only doubt is the diameter of the die. It maybe was too loose. Would this cause the rope to unravel. It feels like it would need more torsion to keep it together. Not very happy so far, but I will keep experimenting.
  4. Well... A look at my signature will answer your question. I must say, however, that most of my kits I bought them when their prices went really low. I wasn't planning to buy my Corel's Vasa, but when I saw it at $350 dlls (Reg. price at that time was $999... now it's around $1,350), I just couldn't pass the opportunity. Same with my Royal Louis, (paid $450 now it's $1,850). I got my Santísima Trinidad from a friend who offered it to me at dealer's price (around $300 dlls) and the San Felipe I got it from a friend who was in bad need of money and gave it to me really cheap. So the only kit in my stash I have paid full price for, is the Surprise. So yes I feel the urge, but money is also an issue.
  5. I think we would like to know what kind of glue you used that did not work well. Anyway two options come to my mind: Cyanoacrilate (Ca for short. aka super glue or crazy glue) or Epoxy. I would use Epoxy myself.

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