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  1. There is always next year! ­čśë
  2. What are the odds of things aligning so near perfect. ­čĄö If the flag had been considerably smaller it would have been a massive head scratcher moment. I had three photos and they all had the same alignment issue.
  3. The wife and I went to the annual Canal Days early yesterday morning to avoid the crowds so we might get photos of the tall ships said to be taking part in the annual summer celebration. Took a few photos of the vessels tied up. Many were there last year and the year before. The Victory 1 cruise liner was just coming in as we arrived. One new vessel was HMCS Oriel, sailing training vessel (schooner) with Sea Cadets (youth aged 12 to 18) on board as crew for the summer. My favourite remains the Brig Niagara!
  4. Three members of the Model Shipwrights of Niagara (Ontario, Canada)_ travelled to Fairport (Rochester) NY, USA this weekend to attend the seminar entitled Museum Standard Requirements of Ship Models presented by a passionate Carlos Montalvao of Portugal. Photos can be seen on our club website at https://modelshipwrightsofniagara.weebly.com/blog Scroll down to July 2018 The seminar was organized and hosted by the local club Model Shipwrights of Western New York. Attendees were encouraged to bring their models in for show and quite a number obliged. Two members of our club gave a short presentation of their models 1) The Hayling Hoy and 2) HMS Ontario. The HMS Ontario presentation was augmented by Jim Kennard, one of the discoverers of the wreck of the HMS Ontario in Lake Ontario (2008). It was a well organized and very informative event! BZ to the Model Shipwrights of WNY! Well done.
  5. This might help with laying out your scarph joints. The Elements of Wood Ship Construction - Scarph Joints - W.H. Curtis (1919).pdf
  6. It likely seems dumb but I would like to know how you have refined the process if you could explain­čśÄ
  7. Beautiful job on the pair of block and tackle! Ôś║
  8. Druxey these are the wee bits I watch for and have a special place they are saved in. Thanks for sharing! Alan
  9. So I had the boss look at it with me. She says it is blue lettering on a light blue background but noticed one upper part of the bend on the right is pure white background. I asked if the light blue could be the ribbon in the shadow of the transom. She didn't think so but then how do you explain the splash of white? She does not see the gold trim whereas I still do.
  10. I am looking at the image posted above and I see blue letters on a white background with gold trim... but my left eye is not all it should be and my right eye compensates so possibly the white is a pale blue? In my opinion the pale blue seems an odd background if the lettering was meant to be clear from a distance, but I am no expert. I should ask my wife. ­čśë
  11. Blue letters on white ribbon. Ribbon has gold trim. This combination looks very very good! The carver's wife must have picked them out.
  12. It is quite a chunk of money! Too bad we didn't know about it back when they were offering photocopies. I suppose a reminder in outlook on your computer might work (if you still have the same computer by then).
  13. Good morning Mark, I followed up on the above post of yours. It took quite a while to get all the information which condenses to the following: The document is 6 pages, 10" x 16", at 70 pounds sterling each plus VAT (tax) and shipping. They only offer photos at this time due to the age and condition of them. Photocopying might cause more damage .... however they are digitizing the documents and digital copies may be available in a year or so at reduced pricing.
  14. had to look twice when I saw the moose!

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