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  1. I once had a build log of my Prins Willem here on MSW. I also had a backup of it on my PC. Some months ago I deleted that one.... I wish I hadn't done so I will try to recreate some of it over the next weekends. Perhaps that will give me some inspiration to continue her rigging, as I haven't done much over that last months. Jan
  2. Hello everybody My name is Hans van Nieuwkoop - on MSW known as *Hans* Since end of last year I have been busy in working out my scratch build Batavia into a wooden model kit. This is now available - please have a look at our website The site opens in Dutch - but by clicking on the UK-flag it is in English. Btw: Kolderstok is the Dutch word for whipstaff We are planning to make several models - now available: Dutch East Indiamen "Batavia" - in near future: East Indiamen "Dordrecht" - 2016: Yacht "Duyfken" - 2016 and on: 17th century Statenjacht, Zeven Provinciƫn, ... Kits are made in small series - so please send me a PM if you want to buy one, so I can inform you if it is availabe. I can ship to most countries in the world, can mention prices including postal costs but cannot inform you how much duty you have to pay. Next days I will post some photos about the box and its contents. Please send me a pm if you are interested!
  3. Yesterday (Wednesday), another Swedish ship from 17th century was found. This time at a depth of 6m (about 18t). She is slightly bigger than Wasa with 66 cannons. Her name is Solen (the Sun), built in Lubeck 1669, sunk 1694. Armament: 16x24 pounder 8x18 pounder 24x12 pounder 2x8 pounder 14x6 pounder 2x4 pounder 4x3 pounder Length: 45meter Width:12 meter
  4. Hello! I've been reading this site for six months now, reading tips and tricks and looking at all the great pictures. Why? Simply because I received the Vasa kit (Corel) for Christmas and as I had never built any ship before, I really had to learn everything from scratch. So, I have started building the Vasa since the middle of January 2014. I can only work on it about one hour every day, so the progress is slow, in particular as I have to learn along the way and I find myself scratching my head and scouting the Internet whenever I hit a new construction phase. Anyway, I have been documenting the process dutifully by means of pictures from day one. So far, I only shared those pictures with my family and interested friends. I am now opening it to this forum. The pictures are stored on my Google+ account and should be visible from everybody by clicking on this link: Vasa picture album Usually, I add a few pictures everyday, if I have been able to make any progress. Feel free to add me to your Google+ circles and I'll make sure to add you to my Vasa circle. Also, you may leave comments here or directly on the album. When you add me, please make sure to tell me that's the Vasa you're interested in. I have not written any comment so far. Only pictures. But they are very detailed. I have found that pictures were the most valuable asset when looking for a solution. As I said, I am a beginner, and thus I made many mistakes along the way. Still, I am happy with what I have managed to do so far and I feel that my pictures might help those who will come after me. Chapter 1: the frames Chapter 2: Planking the hull, first layer Chapter 3: Planking the stern Chapter 4: Planking the hull, second layer Chapter 5: Covering the door frames Chapter 6: Planking the decks Chapter 7: Stern galleries Chapter 8: The support Chapter 9: The beakhead and the keel Chapter 10: The rudder Chapter 11: The heads and the beakhead Chapter 12: The handrails Chapter 13: The davits Chapter 14: Deck fittings (belaying pins, bits, doors and chains) Chapter 15: Deck guns Chapter 16: The boat Chapter 17: Varnishing Chapter 18: Port hole doors and false canons Chapter 19: The decorations
  5. Hi @ all! I would like to present here my ongoing project. It is the Mayflower from 1620 after the plans of Waldemar Nowy (Danzig, Poland) 1975: "Historic Sailship MAYFLOWER" (based on the Mayflower II) I started this build about in November 2011. I had several breaks during the build due to my private situation. At the moment I work on the cannons and the masts. Here are some pictures of my progress so far. I would also like to post some of my techniques I used as soon as time allows me to. Rgds, Radek
  6. Ahoy, Mates I am researching a new project (the frigate Berlin) and am struggling to find information. I have to date found a rigging plot for 17th century ships from the web The frigate Berlin was built in 1674 as a 15-gun warship for the Grand Electorate of Brandenburg. She saw almost continuous action in the Mediterranean and the Baltic until 1681. She was captured by the Dutch in 1688, and never seen again. Translated by Google (from the manufacturer's web site) The frigate was one of BERLIN first boats for hire that the Navy of Brandenburg began to provision of Elector Frederick William. built in Zeeland in 1674, the ship belonged to the fleet Brandenburg until 1688. I am starting this forum in hopes that some more experienced builders might be able to direct me to any books, links, or sites regarding this frigate that would help my quest. Thank you