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  1. This is my second ever build so I am a learner. I am busy working hard and have three kids so build progress will also be slow. I chose the Maid because it seemed like a pretty simple cheap kit to cut my teeth on. I am going with a slightly unhistorical colour scheme, inspired by Clayton Osterling's Experiment (See here: I would welcome feedback, encouragement and advice. Thanks! But despite being new to this, I am totally hooked.
  2. Greetings! Yip, that is right - another build log for the famous HMS Victory. With that said, I am not going to post any details about the actual ship itself, as there is a ton of info available already. I bought this kit a while back from a second hand site for good price below retail. After building two ships, and busy with another at the moment, I feel confident enough to start with this project.. This is quite a big model kit ship, from AL's website, the following specifications are given: Dimension: 1230 mm long, 825 mm high and 450 mm wide. Scale: 1/84 As can be seen below, the box comes with all sorts of goodies - actually - a lot of goodies. The are a few interesting stuff included with this kit that I haven't encountered before with other AL kits: They actually supply you with tweezers A baseboard you can assembly (see later) when you are done with the false keel. A feedback form in the back of the Manuel where you can rate the kit, instructions etc. and give comments. A CD and booklet with extra info on it (I still have to see what is on the CD) An addendum sheet of corrections to the instruction manual. The above is a welcome addition to their kits - just wish it would extend to all of them in the future. The addendum sheet has three points of correction, I am still trying to figure out the last point, since the English grammar used is very confusing ( I have read better manuals translated from Chinese than this). At this stage, I am not sure if I will paint the model or leave it in the natural wood colour. At this stage, I am leaning to painting it, and adding copper plates to the hull.
  3. A long time of no posting and several requests has made me to start the next Harvey project build log. This build has been going on for some time. Many changes and alterations has been done to the original parts, this due to material not measuring to the material list dimensions. This picture is the latest one some ten minutes old, before uploading. From this point I will go back to the start and explain what I have done as there are several changes, this in my best way. Have patience with me, as this kit will be kit bashed. not knowing the final physical outcome. This picture also shows partial of the pre-bending of walnut strips. As I am intending a single layer planking.If I fail I can go to double layer. By putting the paper clips on each bulkhead I can there-after put soaked strips through the holes and get the right bending. Some of the pictures from this build has appeared in other topics.
  4. Hello All, This is my first build log as I am returning to this hobby after many years as I was lucky enough to be given the Red Dragon as a Christmas gift. I am looking forward to building this model and will certainly appreciate any and all comments along the way! Thanks again for all the kind welcome notes after my first post last week. Opening the box was actually a pleasant surprise as I found a neat, shrink wrapped package containing all the items, including a plastic box with all the fittings. Very different to the box mayhem that I remember from over 20 years ago when all the components were mostly left to freely roam around the box. The instructions were disappointing, being nothing more than a basic listing of the build order complementing a nicely printed, but detail-limited plan sheet. On the plus side, there was a nice set of photos of the model at different build stages. Even though the box was unopened, I still did the inventory that many of you mention doing in your logs and happily I found nothing missing. The laser cut parts seemed accurately done when I checked what I could against the plans, but keel and frames seemed rather thin. Fitting quality overall was OK. On to the build! After making a build stand, the first step was to check the false keel against a straight edge and surprise (!) there was some warping. Fortunately, soaking the keel and gently clamping it for a couple of days seemed to correct the problem. The frames were pretty straight and quite symmetrical, perhaps a nice benefit of the laser cutting. As the keel was so thin, I glued bracing strips along each side to reinforce it and also increase the frame gluing areas. After cutting the frame slots in these strips, I spent a few hours sanding out the slots until the frames fit snugly. A dry fit showed things to be lining up well as far as I could see in both vertical and horizontal directions, so the next step is to glue them together. Attached a few photos. Thanks for reading. Nigel.
  5. Hello and Greatings from south Florida. Here to share my builds and to stalk more wiser Jedi's to obsorbe there evil ship building powers I have been building models for about 20 years on and off since I was a smaller kid. Recently got hooked on wooden ship models and have really enjoyed learning new tequniques and realizing I'm way out of my comfort zone from my typical plastic tank kits. About %70 done with my second build the AL Bon Retour. My first build was the AL Jolly Boat. See a trend with the AL? Like I said I'm a newbie and had no prior woodworking experience so jumping into a $700+ HMS Victory would be just dumb and expensive. I have read a few posts bashing AL's quality, instructions, and accuracy. I agree the instructions flat out suck in places but that's the fun! You have the materials, other ship builders to look at for reference, and your own ideas to to make it work. As for accuracy I have to remind myself that I'm am at the crawling phase in terms of the basics. Planking, sanding, rigging ect. and look at this is fun practice for bigger and better things years from now. I lucked out this past birthday. I bought myself the ModeShipways Armed Virgina Sloop and the same week my girlfriend bought me the AL kit Independence! I have decided that I'm going to start the Indepence when the Bon Retour is finished. I feel the Independece is simply better progression from the AL beginner kits versus jumping into the Virgina Sloop. This intro is way way to long so I'm signing off. Hope to hear and write back as often as I can. Ohh and to post my progress from the Bon Retour! "If you dig it do it. If you dig it a lot do it twice" Jim Croce
  6. Hi all- I am currently building the AL Mayflower kit. It comes with two of those silk, sticky-back flags. My question is, how do you make those flags look realistic? In the past when I have done flags of this nature, they end up looking really unrealistic because they just sit there flat in the direction of the wind. How do you make them "hang" like a real flag would look? Thanks! Stu
  7. HELLO! I am an extreme newbie...meaning I have NO woodworking, modeling, or knowledge of ships. I just LOVE them so here I am - learning about them and starting something new. After doing some research I decided on this little gem as it seemed a good way to start. The kit came pretty quickly after I ordered it and looking at the parts and instructions and all the tiny little pieces of this great piece lets just say this. It's going to be FUN!! When I searched the Build logs - there isn't one of these Vikings by AL anywhere....but lots of other AL ships. Me first? Gulp... So what's a girl to do? Open the box - take a few pics - and start here. I purchased a few basic things like clamps and glue and other bits and pieces - didn't go crazy. And collected some things from around the house. Started reviewing the beginners pages - but didn't want to overload myself with info - seems to be a bit hairy. I am hoping that I will get some great tips along the way - learn a lot - and have a fantastic piece to start a collection. What is your FAVOURITE beginners tip? Please share it with me - would love to hear what your suggestions are. THANK YOU!!
  8. Hi: I asked this question in my introduction topic but I think here is a better place to ask. These are the kits I have bought, some because are very old and I did not want to miss the opportunity of having them. - America yacht by sterling models (RC) - Dallas revenue cutter by Artesania Latina - Swift by Artesania Latina - Bluenose by mini mamoli My 2 candidates are the swift and the bluenose. I actually bought the bluenose to make it my first model but now that I have it seems very small and I think would be hard to do the rigging for a beginner, the main point is that it is solid hull construction which is easier but to be honest I do not like solid hull construction however it can be a good exercise for other techniques. Should I start with the mini mamoli? the swift by AL? or something bigger like the Dallas revenue(I wouldn't like to mess this kit because it is out of production)? The America yacht I think is out of play for now because this particular ship has a special place in my heart (childhood memories) and I want to start it once I feel comfortable with my skills as a model ship builder. Your help is appreciate it. Juan