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  1. Have you ever browsed through your favorite build to see what the full build looks like at the present time? Have you ever wondered what else is being built on MSW 2.0, it may be a kit, scratch, R/C, card or plastic, or any other material, including digital reconstruction. I am inviting all members to post a latest photo of their build (side elevation)and a link to that build, so everyone can see what it looks like, and give others an idea of what else is going on. I am not trying to create a multitude of build logs under one topic, just photo’s so we can all see what is going on. This will possibly help others in deciding on what to build next Anyone interested?
  2. Take a look at this model. It's card. And the author is 13 years old.
  3. Here are 2 sites I have had in my favorite folder. (you may already know about these). The only card model I have ever done was a clock kit that was from a Canadian manufacturer. It worked but it was slow. Meaning it lost 5 minutes every day. Marc
  4. I have a long time interest in the American Civil War. One particular subject is the Brown Water ships used by both sides on the Mississippi and its feeder rivers. I've spotted a few kits I like and they lured me off the Bounty launch for a while. Some of the Union ships were initially started by the US Army, but eventually ended up under USN control. The Choctaw was originally a commercial ship launched in 1856, purchased by the US Army in September 1862, converted into an ironclad ram and finally commissioned in the USN in March 1863. Choctaw was a 260' (79m) long side paddle wheel steamer, with a beam of 45' (14m). She carried 1 x 100 lb rifle, 3 x 9" Dahlgren smoothbores and 2 x 30 lb Parrott rifles. Choctaw took part in operations along the lower Mississippi around Haynes Bluff, MS, up the Yazoo River and participated in the Red River expedition, up to Alexandria in Louisiana in 1864. She was decommissioned in New Orleans in July 1865. This model is a card kit I purchased from There are 8 pages of parts and 4 of instructions. It's a download only, so the purchaser has to print out the pages. Since Heinkel Models is located in Spain, his designs are done on A4 paper (8.3" by 11.3" or so). I got some 110 lb paper in that size, along with a small pack of heavier card. You'll end up laminating a number of parts to about a 1 mm thick card backing for this model. Here's the cover sheet. The model is almost 18" (40cm) long. The instructions say there are over 350 parts in this beast. I reread Chris Coyle's card tutorials a time or three, then made sure I has appropriate card stock and glue. I glued up enough heavy card stock for 3 letter size pages of 1 mm backing. Instead of using3M spray-on cement for laminations, I used some 3M Positionable Mounting Adhesive. No warping of the card stock. I let it sit overnight and laid out the appropriate parts, as marked in the kit, that should be mounted on the 1 mm backing. And there are a few more parts going on another sheet of .5 mm backing. Then the fun began. Make sure you have a good supply of sharp cutting tools. The 110 lb card on top of 1mm backing was murder on blades. Not too bad cutting the straight edges, but the curved parts (bow and stern, paddle wheel covers) were challenging. I felt like I had regressed to the '70s or early '80s in model railroad structures. Multiple slices and retouching any interior corners with a file/sanding device. Many of the parts need to have cutouts so that the superstructure parts interlock. And the hull has a keel and bulkheads. I'll get some pictures of the parts I've got cut out so far next time. Thanks for reading this.
  5. i downloaded and started this free model from the Maritime Museum of San Diego to see how it is building in card first some of the parts needed to be on 1mm and 2 mm thick cardboard upper hull structure assmebled
  6. Well, luckily I haven't worked much on this ship lately, so I'll restart the buildlog as if I just began construction of this intrigate model. About the ship : She started out as a single-hull tanker under the name "Ché Guevara", however due to changing international laws (as a direct result from oil disasters with this kind of ships) she was refit to be a mobile refinary. The kit : The kit, or rather the booklet is from the Polish publisher "JSC" and there are lasercut parts available (which I also bought). The cover (of "boxart" if you like) The real ship (mind you, the kit is a waterline model) : The first few steps, what you see here is the underside of the deck : The topside of the same part along with the final deck layer that will fit on it : Starting on the aft superstructure : On to the bow area : The next level : Skin applied to the hull : Some more parts to the aft structure : And where I am now :