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  1. Hello all, Last year, after much debate, I bought the Phantom to start me on my way in Model Shipbuilding. I don't have any experience at all in modeling, and it is my first venture. I was very pensive about taking on a solid hull, as I am really quite terrible at wood carving, but my dad, who does do Norwegian wood carving agreed to shape the hull for me. He did the Amati Drakkar, which I did the sails on for him as his one and only model ship, and it turned out great. I sent it off with him for the hull molding and now its back, so I've been reading Chuck's practicum and the logs of others. I should start out by saying that the size of this model is extremely small, so I'm nervous about how tiny its pieces are, and I have pretty low expectations for the final result but I would at least like to give it a try, and maybe learn some things along the way. My goal as a complete beginner with no background knowledge in modeling is merely to finish. Eventually, I'd like to do the Pride of Baltimore II as I both got to see her in the Philadelphia harbor and she looks much like a schooner I sailed on in college (the S/V Westward) and/or the Bluenose, both of which have a letter better scale for me. So, anyway, I've ordered a cutting mat, and I'm waiting on it. I only have the tools from the deluxe kit from Model Shipways, and its going to take a little bit to get organized. In the meantime, it looks like my Dad may have taken a bit too much off the depth of the forward area, as it is 1/8" below the -R mark but the aft deck matches perfectly. So, I guess that might impact the waterline a little, but I don't think there is much to be done at this point. The length of the hull is 9 1/2" but the plans show 9 1/4" so I'm also unsure if the plans are meant to be drawn exactly to scale, but the length does match the size of the hull template. It looks like the first thing I need to do is install the keel, stem & sternpost, and I've looked through all the other logs and Chuck's practicum. I know I'm meant to glue some pieces together before cutting out the keel, but I haven't found much else about how to do it. It seems like once it is glued on, it would be very easy to break off, and I understand people use pins and such but I don't know a resource to help a total newbie to figure this stuff out. I sort of feel like I wish I had a video of someone putting together a solid hull to help me out, but I guess I'll just do my best, right! It'll be awhile until I post any substantive work until I receive my cutting mat (which apparently won't ship until next month), but thought I would at least get my log set up! - Ginger
  2. Hello friends, here my project of the Dove... A beauty by her lines and rigging, ...and a ship well documented and of a good size for a scale 1/2=ft Lpp: 42' - 11'' = 1' 9.6'' B moulded: 13' - 0'' = 6.6' D.: 6' - 2'' So I'll get a model about some 900 mm Loa and without stand nearly as high as long - at a beam of some 170 mm. A big model but a flate-able one in "The American Fishing Schooner" of Howard I. Chapelle you can find three very good plates of the Canadian pilot schooner "Dove". Biult in 1875 by Sylvester S. Baltzer in Preaux. Nova Scotia. She was owened by Cptn. James George a pilot. She was Canadian - proofed by the text in the index of H.I. Chapelle's book ( p.686). "Dove, Canadian pinky". But what is the right flag to her? So my question is the to the flag - blue or red canadian ensign? But this article confusede my completly: Or does this article deals with the flag used on a ship to show they are under pilots order on the bridge? My english is not good enough for this... Thanks for your help, Chris
  3. Hey everyone, I just got to the rigging on my first ship model, the MS Phantom, and had a question about the rigging. Is the rigging shown on the plans the complete rigging, or is it missing some of the rigging for the sails. I would like to, if possible display her with sails but am unsure on whether or not it makes sense with the rigging plan supplied with the kit. Also, I would appreciate any input on what state the rigging would look good in, i.e. full sail, half sail, furled sails etc. Thanks in advance for any and all input you guys are willing to share with a young deck hand. On a side note, if it is recommended to display with unfurled sails, I plan to use a method I found a while back that uses dyed thread pulled through to the undyed cloth to simulate the stitching in a closer to scale way. Preliminary tests have shown promise but canbea quite frustrating process because if a thread breaks, that could be all she wrote for that sail. Thanks again,
  4. Greetings, one and all. We have visitors here for the summer, including my grand daughter Cricket (aka Kimber, but Cricket will suffice). Some of you may remember her from a couple of years back assisting with my Harriet Lane build (see the post here for a "then" view Well, after landing here in Maine late last night, then driving the 2.5 hours to our home, she asked if she could help build a ship model. Well, since none of the ones I am working on are at a stage where she could dig in, I offered her the opportunity to build her own ship model. She accepted, and has begun work on a Phantom that has already had the hull shaped by her uncle. Rechristened the Elsa, she is now underway! So, here is where we are as of just now: Hull faired, she has sanded it thoroughly and just applying the primer. I am hoping to keep her interested and moving along on this build - we have 6 weeks to get some good progress done!
  5. Hello all, I am new to this website and also to model ship building. I have built other types of models in the past and have always wanted to try a wooden ship. I've been putting it off for a number of years now but have finally decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. After researching the different types of ship models, solid hull, POB, POF, (and keeping my ego in check) I decided on the entry level, solid hull 'Phantom' by Model Shipways. I've read a number of the 'Phantom' build logs and have found them to be ever interesting. I've downloaded, printed, and read Chuck Passaro's guide for this kit and hope that together we can build something that somewhat resembles the picture on the box. Day 1: Received kit, took inventory and everything in there, a good start.
  6. Hi Everyone, Well I have been wanting to start my Phantom for a couple of months now, but I wanted to finish the Schooner Atlantic first. Unfortunately, I have gotten a little bored with the Atlantic, so I convinced myself to take a short break and work on the Phantom. I will be building the kit with the help of the practicum by Chuck Passaro ("Modelling The New York Pilot Boat Phantom - 1868"). So let's begin!