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  1. Have you ever browsed through your favorite build to see what the full build looks like at the present time? Have you ever wondered what else is being built on MSW 2.0, it may be a kit, scratch, R/C, card or plastic, or any other material, including digital reconstruction. I am inviting all members to post a latest photo of their build (side elevation)and a link to that build, so everyone can see what it looks like, and give others an idea of what else is going on. I am not trying to create a multitude of build logs under one topic, just photo’s so we can all see what is going on. This will possibly help others in deciding on what to build next Anyone interested?
  2. Hello! I'm going ti fight through my Tancook Whaler more in a mania of wrath and ira than in enthiusiasm meanwhile. I assume I picked out the worng example of a boat... The whaler may have been too complex for a beginner's project? Due to its open hull and visable formers? ...and the visable planking's inside so I can't fiddle around with the (told to be much easier) doubled planking ? So I do need a simple prototye - even if you fell in love to "her" she may not reciprocate your feelings... a buoyant femme fatal - nice and gentle to your eye but resentful and vitriolic to your heart. You get mad in stalking her... you fall in love but can't stand up any longer... she is pressing you down... leaves you behind with a broken heart ...and a bitter black bile. So what I learned is I need an enclosed deck to hide what's underneath... A most simple arrgangement of rigging... a schooner a latin set of sails. A scale arround 1/2 inch to the foot. As I curved through the scratched part of building threads here I found a plenty I'd lke to build but I'm affraid to be unable to build anything of theis... The U.S.R.C. "Eagle" (Built after Blueberry plans) looks nice but the rigging get's a bit too complex. - so I may reduce it down to a hullmodel? What is your answer? pice of advise first hand. Yours Moony
  3. Hi there, I would need some help with the identification of the ships type this model ship hull was originally built for (see images). I bought this from a collector from GB in a relatively bad condition. It had a scratch built superstructure of a motor yacht on top, which dated from a later modification and so relatively soon it was clear, that it was originally meant for a different kind of (steam) ship. The hull was meant to take up a steam plant and a Stuart BB engine was still fitted to the model, when I received it. Nonetheless I am not able to determine its age precisely, it is for sure a pre war built, made from a solid block of pine wood to a remarkable quality and precision. It is approx. 48" long (o/a) with a 7" beam. The hull has a very characteristic cruiser like stern, but the relation between length and beam seems to be a bit untypical for such a big ship from my point of view. As the original grounding was of a dark grey or dark green color, it might also have been some kind of Royal Navy ship. Up to know I was not able to determine the ships type to my satisfaction and am kindly asking for your help and support on this topic. Regards, Markus
  4. From the album HMS Bellerophon 1/150

    HMS Bellerophon. I built her following the blueprints of a traditional English frigate of the XVIII century. This model is a generic frigate, and has no relation with the real, second rater ship of the line HMS Bellerophon, which carried Napoleon to Saint Helena island. Hull is made of styrene, built with a plank on bulkhead technique. Cannons are brass and masts are balsa wood. The figures are taken from a train maquette kit and painted to fit the uniforms of the time. Sadly, no building log for this one.
  5. I am thinking about building the rattlesnake from scratch. As a first project, I am now thinking of something with fewer frames. My goal is to make an admiralty type model, or partial admiralty Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks Ira.
  6. I have1 copy available of the French Naval Gabare le Gros Ventre, by Gérard Delacroix for offer (the ship was designed by Jean-Joseph Ginoux and built in Bayonne by Leon Michel Guignace 1766-1779). This copy is still in its original shrink-wrap and is a 2003 Ancre / Pier Books first English edition. The work was translated from the French original by Marie-France Saconie, Gilles Korent, and Pierre de Granvillier. The monograph is 135 pages, and includes 2 black and white and 3 color illustrations, along with 4 charts, 7 drawings, 34 plans, and 29 color photos. The 34 folded plans are 1:48 scale. The monograph and plans are contained in a hard cover folder. Since the copy is still in its original shrink-wrap, I’m unwilling to open it to take additional photos (therefore, I also didn’t open it to inspect and verify its contents). However, you can check out Ancre’s web site at to see pictures of the ship (click on the ship’s wheel icon; the photos are of Frölich’s model) and etc. My asking price is $94, without postage. Sorry I can’t go below that amount without taking a loss. Ancre is currently selling this English version for 128 € (~$177 USD). Although the ship doesn’t appeal to me, I thought others here on MSW might be interested in this work, so I grabbed 3 copies and now have just 1 left. I’m not a book dealer or etc., I just saw a decent deal and thought I’d pass it along. This is a heavy book, and is weighing in at about 6 lbs. 9oz (~3 kg). If you’re in the US, the USPS media rate with insurance is the way to go (after some recent poor experiences with the USPS, I HIGHLY recommend paying a couple of bucks for insurance). While I’m glad to ship abroad, the USPS’ postal rates are now outrageously expensive and their shipping options are very narrow. The USPS also now generally does not offer insurance on its international parcels, and they have limited their liability amounts. To give you an idea of the prices, sending a book to Canada will cost about $46 USD (insurance is available) and to the UK will cost about $65 (liability limited to ~$83). Those prices don’t include any possible customs/VAT fees. Anyway, if you want to get an idea of what postage will run to your location, here’s a link the USPS postage calculator: (for those in the US, my zip is 80206). I have a PayPal account; if you’d like to know more, please feel free to contact me by PM. Thanks, Jay