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  1. I'm not happy with the 1:93 scale ships boats in my kit. Does anyone have a suggestion where I can find either kit based or already made ships boats in 1:93 scale?
  2. I need some really good advice but first the facts. This build is going to be a one off project. I have Leukemia and another blood cancer that makes my time short. I have never built any models from the time I was a teenager but I am an engineer. I was in the Air Force and Navy and was an in-flight maintenance man. Have experience in using wood working tools. The only tall ship I have visited is the USS Constitution. My bucket list included a trip to Fenway Park and to see the Constitution. My old boss went with me to see a game and the boat. I want to build a plank on frame kit of the USS Constitution. I know good advise would be to start with a simpler hull or boat all together but I am hard headed and tired of being told what I cannot do any more. Now that we have that out of the way I am looking for suggestions of what kit is going to be best. Best can mean many things such as best quality wood, instructions, detail but somewhere in that is the kit you would buy if it was going to be your last. The next thing is where to buy the kit. I live in the St. Louis area but I have no problem if I need to buy international. If I should not get it finished I will be sure to give my wife instructions on who to ship it to so it can be completed.
  3. Dear Sirs and Madams, dafi proudly presents the first sets of photo etch parts for HMS Victory 1:100 (Heller Kit). During the years of research and model making in ... to Victory and beyond! ... ... it came out naturally to develop some parts for my own purpose and then to enlarge this set and offer it to help other model makers to enhance their builds too. Out came a set of 6 plates straight for the model and 2 plates with gratings and eyebolts fitting for multiple scales. Some parts like chains, gunport lid hinges or hammock cranes could be adapted for other ships 1:100 (1:96) and other parts like eyebolts for other scales. If interested, just contact me and we could find out home the parts: http://www.dafinismu.../plates_en.html to order: Simply write an e-mail to And here we go ...
  4. I am building the Constitution cross-section by Mamoli and figured, as long as it was a cross section I would also try to expose some of the guts, in particular I wanted to leave some of the deck planking off and show the structure of the framing. Most of the plans I have seen, including those in the Anatomy of the Ship volume, show the carlings (joists) perpendicular to the deck beams/parallel to the keel. However, drawings I've seen from 1926 before the refit show them running diagonally. There are also photos in the Boston Public Library's digital photo collection that show the same thing - I'm just not sure if these are before or after refit photos. My question is which is "correct." Are the diagonal or the perpendicular carlings as she should be or is one an artifact of a non-historic refit?
  5. Can anyone help with pictures or info on how the anchor was rigged? I would like to have anchor lines on the gun deck from the capstan forward to the anchor to as though the anchor was being lowered or raised. Were the anchors rigged so both were raised/lowered at the same time? Thanks
  6. I'm trying to group all the information on all six First Ships Question when did the copper plates get installed on the Constitution and Constellation?... Also did the others have the copper plates installed as well? Dose any log books mention this for even one ship? I know I will have more questions later I hope you guys don't mind me making this thread I figured that the any and all info pertaining to The First Six should be kept either in one thread or six different threads. Depending on how much info is out there for each ship then I think it will get split up with all found info in separate threads and everybody can draw their own conclusions
  7. I am curious to know if the new Blue Jacket kit of the U.S.S. Constitution requires having to shape the hull or does it come pretty close to scale without having to do much carving?
  8. Found this website recently, quite by accident. Lovely corner of the universe. Unfortunately ( for me ) it comes at a time when I have decided to sell most of my collection of ship kits. I am keeping a precious few in the hopes I can get to them some day. Notable there is the Aurora Heller Chebec and old Pyro Natchez. My name is Chris Wheeler and I live in Denville, NJ USA. I am well known and respected on as cfwheeler58 I also have a quality reputation on Ebay as cfwheels58 ******************************************************************************* All kits are COMPLETE, UNSTARTED, NIB ( Note the Soleil Royal is the only exception ) All prices in US dollars. Negotiated discounts for multi-kits Paypal preferred. I will calculate S&H per purchase. It will be zero-profit. I am happy to post pics of individual kits here, as requested, if they generate interest. Please keep personal info in PMs. Feel free to mark interest or "I'll take it" in the thread. First notifications win out. I am interested in all feedback on this posting. BO PMs do not offend. ******************************************************************************** WOOD Model Shipways MS2040 Constitution $350 Model Shipways MS2240 Niagara $200 Corel SM24 HMS Victory Cross Section $200 I know the reputation from reading the threads, but I have the Lauck Shipyard CDs; Soph Class Constitution, Soph Class Masting & Rigging, Planking which I purchased specifically for the Connie. They are available with any wood kit above for $50. If sold separately....$100 Buy all 3 wood kits for $700. Include Lauck materials for an additional $40. PLASTIC Aurora Wanderer Whaler ( tough to part with ) $75 Revell 1:96 CSS Alabama $75 Revell 1:96 Cutty Sark $75 Heller/Aurora Reale De France $90 Heller/ Aurora Soleil Royal $40 ( send PM for more detailed info ) Most components from 2 kits 2x sails, 2x masts, spars, rigging 1x hull unbuilt
  9. I bought this excellent kit a couple years ago and I'm moving on to scratch building now. I'll sell it for $325. The kit is complete and in its original box. Buyer pays shipping. Model Expo has it listed at $399 now. PM me if interested. I can take a pic of box/contents and send if you'd like. Otherwise, just go to the Model Expo site and look under their POB kits for details on this model. Ron
  10. I am having trouble with something that, to me, should be obvious. I am building the waterways for the Constitution and I don't know if I should add a section across the stern, at the inside of the transom. The plans don't show it there, but they also do not show the whole waterway anywhere, only a small section of waterway along the side. I went back through build logs and I find some models with it and some without. Of course, I could go into Charlestown this weekend and look for myself, but I thought I'd ask first, since we have so many Connie experts on this site. Since I am asking questions, here is another one. Is the waterway split under the bow sprit or does the bow sprit clear it so it can be one piece across the bow? Again, the plans don't show this anywhere, at least that I have found. I am hoping it is split as the clearance in this area is really tight. Thanks.
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  14. Good morning! I was hoping I could borrow a little expertise in identifying a ship. This is an antique USS Constitution bearing a plaque that says "CONSTITUTION. Frigate of 1812. Constructed by C.Z. Czechowski" I have included a picture of the plaque. I am working on getting some pictures of the ship itself but Im having a very hard time as it is in a very large glass enclosure in a really dark room so I will need a little more time as I will have to remove the glass so I can use a flash properly. I will update the post as soon as I can get them but this is a highly detailed model with lots of real metal, wood, and rope. It is about 2.5 feet long and has a high level of detail in the masts, ropes running all over, tiny cannons, life boats, etc. I had a great aunt that used to tell me it was older than my grandpa who was born in the 20-30s. Any background information someone may have on this builder would be really helpful I know the information Ive provided is quite limited I hope I can get some meaningful model pictures up in the very near future Im just waiting for some help to arrive to help me get that glass shroud off of it. Ive tried google etc but came up dry. Thank you very much!