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Found 2 results

  1. I have been a model builder most all of my life. I started with model planes and cars but by the time I graduated from college I had built the Revell yacht America, Cutty Sark, Thermopylae, CSS Alabama and Golden Hind and also did the Aurora Wanderer for a customer who wanted that model, molded on sails and all. After moving out on my own having limited space I went back mostly to model planes and cars. Several years ago I built the Midwest Models Muscongus Bay lobster smack for a friend and it has been my only completed wood ship model build. About that time acquired the Model Shipways Pride of Baltimore II after seeing it tied up at Port Canaveral, Florida. I really like the lines of the Baltimore Clippers. After I saw what building that kit would encompass I decided to get my feet wet with something smaller and easier ( I thought) and picked up the N.Y. pilot boat Phantom. I had barely started on it when I had to move to a new home and in the move lost most of the kit. A friend of mine recently traded some models with me and I ended up with a partial kit of the Phantom that had been started and abandoned by his brother in law. I immediately searched on ebay and found another started but complete kit, this one with a resin hull. Since carving wood is not one of my strong suits I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the resin hull was beautifully crafted and mostly complete. But while I was waiting for the new kit to arrive I started working on the wood hull of the partial kit. Gradually as my work progressed it got better, I still made a bunch of minor mistakes but I now have it to the point where I will be installing the bulwark stanchions and cap rail later this week. Last week I had a small accident with a new xacto knife set while attempting to thin the bulwarks at the stern and came close to slicing a finger off. The wood gave way a lot easier than I had expected. Here I want to state my appreciation to Chuck Passaro for putting his 39 page "Modelling the New York Pilot Boat Phantom 1868" online. If I hadn't come across this pamphlet on the internet I probably would have given up already. Upon further searching around my house I located most of the hardware from my original purchase of the Phantom so I most likely have enough parts to build two of them. But I rather doubt that I will build it twice, so, which hull do I use to complete the model? At first I was sure I would be using the resin hull as it inevitably will look better than the one I have shaped and carved and spilled blood on. But as I have progressed my work has started to look impressive so I may set aside the resin hull and complete the kit using the wood hull. I'm not planning to start a complete build log as the topic has already been well covered but I may start a topic showing the differences between my carved hull and the resin hull. I am also working to finish a project I started several years ago, the Pyro Gertrude Theobald. I built it when I was a teenager in the 1960's and am just doing it as it comes in the box for nostalgic reasons. I also have the Model Shipways Elsie and if I get to it I will rig it properly. Hopefully after finishing the Phantom I will be confident enough in my wood working skills to build the Pride of Baltimore II if I don't run out of time.
  2. Phantom Rigging Question

    Hey everyone, I just got to the rigging on my first ship model, the MS Phantom, and had a question about the rigging. Is the rigging shown on the plans the complete rigging, or is it missing some of the rigging for the sails. I would like to, if possible display her with sails but am unsure on whether or not it makes sense with the rigging plan supplied with the kit. Also, I would appreciate any input on what state the rigging would look good in, i.e. full sail, half sail, furled sails etc. Thanks in advance for any and all input you guys are willing to share with a young deck hand. On a side note, if it is recommended to display with unfurled sails, I plan to use a method I found a while back that uses dyed thread pulled through to the undyed cloth to simulate the stitching in a closer to scale way. Preliminary tests have shown promise but canbea quite frustrating process because if a thread breaks, that could be all she wrote for that sail. Thanks again,