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Syren by JesseLee - Model Shipways - scale: 1:64

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I have tapered shaped the boom and gaff. The laser cut jaws supplied have split several times in the process of gluing them. I'm going to try to see if CA glue will soak into them and strengthen them after they are lightly stained. Will probably have to tear them off and re-make them with better wood. 



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Did something a little different for the cleats. I have had glued on cleats come off in the past so I wanted them more secure. I measured and marked where they are and drilled small starter holes for them with a small twist drill. I then used these small drill/reamer tools I got many years ago. They twist i and open the hole. Then you can use them like a mini file or rasp to remove wood. I slowly did this form one hole to another to open up a slot through the boom and gaff. I pre-shaped the cleats out of scrap I have.  When all is shaped and ready I put glue in the open slot and push the cleat all the way through so it is sticking out of both sides then shape them up down to proper size.


Don't know when I will get back to the shipyard. One of my Aunts died and I will be going out of town for a few days, leaving there and going straight to a Dr. appointment.  I will most likely be very sick from the travelling and my body will crash on me for a few days when I get back.




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I haven't been very active on the board since I went back to school, but I check in from time to time and I am never less than very impressed by your work Jesse. I have an untouched Syren kit that I am certainly going to build in the near future. You can bet that I'll be referring to your build as I attempt to emulate you (right after I finish my Benjamin Latham and my Constitution cut away). Great work!

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On 8/30/2018 at 4:18 PM, Chasseur said:

Just catching up. Good to see your back at it. Ahhhhh, you found out about GS hypo cement. The stuff is a God send. Price is right too! Detail is superb, please keep it coming Bro!

I used to be a bench jeweler when I could work. I used to use the stuff at work but realized how well it would work on tiny rigging knots.

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Fortunately we have not lost power even though a lot of people around me have. Good time to work in the shipyard. Hearing the driving rain and howling winds makes me imagine what it was like to be at sea on way back then in such a violent storm. 


Anyway, made the Gaff and the Boom. I have done as much pre-rigging as I can before they are attached. The instructions said you can paint them or not- your choice. I was going to leave them with a light golden oak stain but had to do some patch-up work on the Gaff where it got some wood marred and gouged from an accidental drop on the floor and got stepped on. At this point I saw that the paint would completely hide this so black they now are. This also hid where I had to re-glue both jaws because of the very poor wood supplied in the kit. I wish I had made them from better wood to start with.


Completed all the rigging for these two. Found it much more difficult to get into the tight places to tie off to the belaying pins than it used to be for me. My kit was missing the beads for the parrels but I had plenty from earlier builds. 









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