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Maria HF.31 by Dubz - Dusek - 1/72 - Fishing Ewer - Finkenwerder/Hamburg

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Thanks a lot all of you :)


First ropework. I foy myself find this always the most difficult part of a build, to have it look natural. I will mix all different kind of spare rope I have ;)









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Thanks a lot again my friends!


A little bit more mast detailing. As I am not happy with the humbrol gold color I'll try gold leaf soon for the mast tops ;) Haha, that will be fun :P




Now a short break from doing the mast. A very knowledgeable colleque in a german forum told me, that the small boat ist absolutley wrong for a fishing ewer, it's NOT an Ewerboat. Ok now again there is the situation to decide building the "Munich Museum"-Maria (with the small boat on board) or the "Might be like this 100 years ago"-Maria.


As Daniel allready made the kit so that you can build the sail or motorized Maria he also give us to little boat kits. Ok, the one for the motorized Maria looks more like an Ewerboat (and it was allready tempting to build ..) so I did it ;) It might be too big but I'll see what my colleques has to say about ;)


Okidoki, before showing more pictures I have to so some criticizing and a Modifier-Wish (hope you don't mind Daniel ;)). See the Minikit first.




Two things are bad here. First the manual, NO indicator/picture/whatever HOW to place the first plank exactly at the keel. So I decided to start at top, suspecting the other problem coming around. I like to carefully accuratley remove the laserchar from the wood that leads to the problem that all planks might get o.1mm smaller then "wanted" with 10 planks this is ONE mm. A problem. [This problem is even "bigger" when the laser was to hot and too much burned wood has to be removed!]Also sometimes - maybe because it is not the 100% perfect position, a plank is 0.3mm too short or 0.5mm, sounds like nothing but no, it's a lot in this scale.


So my ideas for this problem are the following: 

1) Make planks 1-2mm longer at the end 

2) Explain exactly how the first plank has to be placed (!!)

3) Make the top last plank higher (then the CAD program "says" ;)) to compensate the potential loss of laser char removing.


In short: Some buffer is needed! Hope I could explain my self well enough here ;)


Going on with the boat ;)


The frame (veerrryy solid!)








Here you can see the last scratch made plank at the keel!




Planking done
















Summary: A nice little kit in the kit, love it. Daniel I like to buy 2 or 3 of these boats standalone, possible?


And now I like to say thank you to all of you, your support, your nice comments and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas!!





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Very nice Little workboat on deck Dirk,


its probably 1:72 if its for the Ewer, but I presume it could also give a cutter for the 1:64 "Swan Class" (Fly, Pegasus, etc...) as well

What is the Overall length ?

Thanks for sharing



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Nice job with the ship's boat Dirk. I hope you and yours have a great Christmas and a greater New Year!  :cheers:

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Thanks a lot Nils, Sal, George, Frank (my old friend ;)), Thomas (still waiting for my quarter badges :P) and all the likes ...


@Nils: It's 62mm


Guys, it's really good to have you on board on my builds ... kinda virtual familiy! Like that very much! 

Take care of yourself, stay open minded and healthy and have fun with life and building little gems!




yours Dirk

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Thanks Dirk,


on your second last and third last pics the Little workboat looked to be larger......, but 62 mm in length is too small for the 1:64 "Swan Class".

still its a wonderful Little boat, please let us know if Daniel is able to offer a stand alone Little kit



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