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Ship model kits which may or may not be based historical vessels

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Vossiewulf well I would say this the Amati nina pinta santa maria is based off those replicas that were built in 1992. Same as model shipways mayflower is based off mayflower II. In that way id enjoy building them since id be building models of the replicas. Also as replicas they seem to have had more thought put into their construction research etc. Regarding Resolution and Virginia they look like they were based off of some plan but finding out will be a matter of research ;)

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As stated in my other post the Resolution kit mystery has been solved. She is actually a model of the HMS ferret of 1711 frm Chapelle's books here are the plans everything is exactly as it should be. ;)



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Well done! :cheers:


Now you must solve the most complex of the misteries...


You must find the reason why Corel doesn't simply named its kit "Ferrett" or "Sharke" instead of "Resolution"...


And I assure to you that is a tough task!  :D

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Some years back, I built Occre's Apostol Felipe. The box blurb gave some obscure reference to it being a treasure ship built for King Philip IV of Spain. Although I didn't buy this kit based on any historical interest in the vessel, I have often wondered about its' actual historicity (if such exists). 


A quick internet search for 'APOSTOL FELIPE' reveals only (i) the Occre kit, (ii) St Philip, or (iii) the San Felipe (a completely different ship).


Hello Captain Steve,

Remember that if you are searching deep in the web about a specific niche argument, the best is to search in the NATIVE LANGUAGE OF THE SUBJECT.

That means that you should search in Spanish language.

in anycase, I think that should have existed.


The informations you are looking for should be inside the following book, which is about of the six galleons built by Martín de Arana for King Felipe IV (as mentioned by Occre for their model kit):



in the attached file (pdf) there is explained the genesis of this book (spanish language).

Now it remains only to buy the book for clarify any doubt... ;)



ABC-07.09.1991-pagina 055.pdf

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Thanks for that information, Cristiano. So it may be that my ship actually has some historical background to it, after all.

B)  B)  B)

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A definitive clarification about the APOSTOL FELIPE of the Occre.

the six galleons built by Martin de Arana were:

-San Felipe;

-Nuestra Senora de Begona;

-Los Tres Reyes;

-San Juan Baptista;

-San Sebastian;



The number of gun ports of the San Felipe more or less were the same of the Apostol Felipe.

The cited book is very detailed, with all the detailed list of all the components and cargo of each ship, crew, etc.

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Has anyone mentioned the San Felipe yet? That's my favorite fictional ship, I started a thread here on MSW about her a while back. I forget how I stumbled onto the idea she was spurious but I wound up searching the web for details about her an noticed that all the add copy for the, various glitzy gift shop models of her, for sale in different websites all over the internet, was all nearly identical. It has all been cut and pasted from an apparent single source.

Later I found this blurb on the internet: ohttp://www.modelships.de/San_Felipe_1690_authenticity/San_Felipe_1690_authenticity.htm


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Later I found this blurb on the internet: ohttp://www.modelship...uthenticity.htm


The page you cited resumes well the history related to the "San Felipe" drawings and their origin.


I can add that a ship named "San Felipe" existed in the range of time of the kit model, but with only 80 cannons, and it was a two decker ship.

So eventually you should consider the final result that is currently sold by Mantua as a "mix" of informations between this "San Felipe" and the "Nuestra Senora de la concepcion y de las animas" .


Below there is an article that explain (in spanish) the history of the "San Felipe" of 80 cannons.

But I found in the past other sources that confirmed that 80 cannons ship existence.


Keep in mind that now is more easy than 50 years ago to dig deep in the informations sources and correct them, thanks to the web and the digitalization of the books.




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