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Hobbyzone building slip for wooden ship models

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the plans and dimensions are for two variants: 60cm length/7 keel holders and 100cm length/11 keel holders but certainly can be modified.


BTW, some credits are in order, since the explanations on the plans are in Polish. This building slip is a part of group project "Baltic galeas Karl und Marie" meant as an introduction to scratch building. All the plans are available, along with sample build log by Romek Sobolewski. Original author of the building slip is Marek Mróz, the modifications and all the plans are prepared by Radek Kubera, Mirek Rybus and Jarek Bąkowski. The project was conceived somewhere in 2005, but is still very much alive - just recently several new modelers started their build logs on koga forum.

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That's so weird, when I double checked the website, it showed the big one....just the one I wanted.

I also had Hobby zones website open to verify the product.

I am so sorry for any inconvenience this may have triggered.

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Posted (edited)

I am currently building a HobbyZone Jig, and note some minor irregularities with "aydingocors" build. (Be aware...The plans supplied with the kit are printed using varying shades of very light grey. They are extremely difficult to interpret any fine detail).


I have found it far easier to visit the Hobbyzone site and look closely at the promotional pictures of the jig, to clear up any doubts.




Where "aydingocors" build varies from the display model, can be seen in the attached pic. The spacer blocks should be glued to the bottom of the support bracket, to allow the bracket to be able to range over the keel supports if necessary. Also, the support brackets should be glued as shown in the pic, to allow the vertical support frame to sit fully on the base rather than overhang it slightly.


Note, the actual jig shown on the HobbyZone site appears to be a slightly different design to the instructions supplied with the kit....My intention is to use the pictures on their site as my main reference in future and proceed accordingly.


Please be aware that this is in no way meant as a criticism of "aydingocors" fine build log.....It is only meant to alert potential builders that it is possible to assemble some components incorrectly. My advice is to ...Check, double check and then check again, before assembling any of the modules.


Also of note...My kit was supplied with standard hex head bolts, rather than the socket headed cap screws as shown on the display model. I will be replacing all of the supplied hardware with stainless steel cap screws, nuts and washers. It should be far easier to use an allen key when setting up the jig, rather than a ROE (Ring/Open End). Also possibly less chance of over tightening (Spanner/Wrench slipping off the nuts etc). For the money this jig costs, I would have expected it to be supplied with SS fittings and I also have long term concerns for the MDF...particularly in humid conditions.




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