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Fabric for Your Sails and Where To Buy

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Sail shape is very important for sail performance and this has always been understood by sailmakers No Sail is ever realy flat or two dimensional when set and drawing and in fact a perfectly flat sail won't work to it's full potential in exactly the same way an aircraft wing wouldn't generate lift if it were flat too. By way of illustration here is a photo of a modern Kevlar sail being manufactured. It's being laid up over a rigid form, the exact shape of the form will have been painstakingly arrived at after much computation. Kevlar has zero elasticity so when complete this is the shape it will always assume when set on the racing boat it is being made for, so the forms shape represents the sailmakers idea of a perfect sail shape. Alterations in the shape will effect the sail performance when they get out on the water. This understanding of how sails function is not new, sailmakers have always understood these concepts and have always sewn their sails with an eye toward how they will set when put to use. So very few seams on sails that would otherwise be nominally two dimensional are sewn in a perfect straight line, there are nearly always subtle curves involved. Now on a model MOST of these subtle curves are going to be invisible but on the other hand NO sail that is depicted as drawing wind should ever be flat.


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