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Thank you all for your comments mates.


Wefalck. I accept you explanation, although I would prefer this 'tongue-in-the-cheek' expression been placed at the beginning of your sentence, or with a more relevant emoticon... :P 

To set you free from the translation (you may write it if you like) just tell me whether in the text is there any reference on haemostatic pliers with hole to make scratch marks, or small hinge to shape the shackles over. I won’t expect to find any reference on PC processor though.

In case of not, then the word “exactly” (the same), should be used with care.


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Great tutorial Thanasis. Very well done and extremely useful! Genius idea using that old processor for pins. I have a few of those laying around that I now have a use for! :D

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Thanasis, my post was made in a hurry before going off to work and should have been worded more carefully. My apologies.


As a matter of fact, when I used the word 'exactly' I was referring to creating a flat, to drill it and then to shape it. I used a flat-nosed punch to flatten the wire, a sharp punch to mark the hole and to prevent the drill from slipping. I did not use a haemostat or similar to guide the drill.


It is always interesting to see that other people come up with the same or similar ideas for solving certain manufacturing problems.


The smallest shackles I produced this way were about 1.5 mm long. The size was also limited downwards by the fact that the smallest drill I had was 0.3 mm, so the wire had to be at least 0.3 mm diameter to stay within the proportions.

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EJ_L. Many thanks for your comment but it isn’t my idea. As I mentioned before, I just recall it from the past, having seen it as another member’s tip. I wish I could remember his name to give him the deserved praise.


Wefalck, say that nothing happened. Really no hard feelings at all.

Just to mention, that being ship modeler from almost 20 years, I faced twice that an idea of mine was "stolen" and was presented in forums as their ideas.  I won't tell you the tips nor the nationality to protect them just only it was in the days of DryDock models forum.

In one case, he probably didn't manage to come in a result and in addition, he had used one of the photos of my own presentation.

They were run out of luck and I found them.... Through the messages we exchanged, I felt the embarrassment and their shame when I demanded to delete the posts and forget the issue.

So, having this experience, I couldn't even think to copy another's tip and present it as mine. It wouldn't make me richer.



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Actually, I don't mind people adopting ideas - but as you said, it's nasty to take someone elses pictures etc. and then post them at another place without due credit. I have whole pages from my own Web-site being 'mirrored' on Web-sites of certain Eastern European individuals and Russian fora - and they just don't care when you just ask for proper credit to be given.


Still, I like to share ideas, tips, information, because somehow it will be repaid by others sharing their ideas, tips, and information ... give and you will be given, as the Romans said.

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