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HMC Sherbourne by Passer - Caldercraft - 1:64

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Thank you as always Tony :). I think I will keep it. When I put a 1:64 figure behind the transom he can actually just look over the edge so the high fells natural. And  I think it is just little bit smaller than Dirk:s transom and it looks really good on his Sherbourne. 

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It's the inverse question that every builder has faced from admirals at some point - theirs being does this X make my transom too big?


I actually built mine back up a bit at one point, it was something I worried about when sanding the hull but I ended up with a smaller transom than I wanted. You can do the same, it's just a pain to do, but I'd go with what Tony recommends.


I'm getting closer to starting my treenailing, and I'm still not sure what woods I'm going to use. What you have looks pretty much perfect in terms of darkness differential, I think I'm going to use it as a starting point for my experimentation.


I was thinking about using dowels in the ballpark and taper them, but now that seems like asking for inconsistent sizes. I have the Byrnes drawplate so starting point is 22 and .5mm. And I'm going to work from your frame spacing. Basically I'm going to steal everything you're doing :)


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And i am stealing from others:). The frame spacing is from AOTS Alert and actually is exact 1cm. I have changed the tree nailing to the 24 hole instead. It works good and saves me from a lot of frustration over broken sticks. The gap between 24 and 22 makes a big difference. 

I am planking the hull at the moment but it is a very slow process. To many family things takes the time from the shipyard. our small children get sick over and over again from the preschool. Fells like a never ending story......

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Hello all, it was a while ago. 

I haven't build on the Sherbourne for some time because life get in the way. I have also done some other project like this:)




However I have now start to build on the Sherbourne again and I have just finished the planking. It is far from perfect but since this build is to learn the different technics. Lessons that I have learned is:

  • Use more time and make better planing and drawings at the beginning. Now that I have done it the first time I know how the outcome will be so the planing will be easier.
  • Plank in smaller belts so it is possible to correct the lines between the belts.
  • Not afraid to use a sharp knife to correct planks that already is glued in place.
  • Start with the garboard strake and plank upwards since I don't like at all the fit in plank between other planks. You will then always have a plank to press against. 
  • Be careful with needles since they make mark in the planks even if you put them at the side of the plank to hold it in positioning.
  • Be better to use rabbet and this most in the steam.
  • Be very carefully with superglue since in "paint" the planks dark.
  • Try to avoid water as much as possible when bending planks. It takes to long time to dry them before it is possible to glue them in. I have start to Use Chucks method with hairdryer. 
  • But ends............. How bad I was on lining up the but ends. The reason was actually laziness. From now I will put much more attention to this.

The result is below.P1000671.thumb.JPG.bddfc85881d5ffa083a800cc1a3ff64f.JPGP1000672.thumb.JPG.3ebd8088b2af9b9be09ea0375ff41862.JPGP1000673.thumb.JPG.f5f3b526f4639f95a24e3149d58f005a.JPGP1000674.thumb.JPG.7f20ce877d3312fd8143dca9419dc93b.JPGP1000675.thumb.JPG.480d1dd923d25a790bfb8ce487d019b5.JPG

Now it is time to continue with the stern and tree nailing....

I also have to announce that I will start on a new project as you can see below.




I already build the new DeAgostini Vasa but since I also have the Billing boats Vasa so think I it is a very good idea to build them at the same time so people here can see the differences between the kits. I am planing to build the Billing Vasa strait from the box as a relaxed build since I will put all effort on the DeAgsotini Vasa since it is so much better in details. The Billing Vasa will also have the "old" painting scheme since i like the colours:)






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Hi again.

It is almost one year ago since i did some update here. To be honest so did I lose the mojo when I started to do the tree nailing. And then came spring and I started to build a new garage to our house so i forgot Sherbourne. I started to modeling again this autumn but it was most plastic 1/48 aircrafts (here is a link to my latest build if someone is interested. It turn out really good i think  https://photos.app.goo.gl/K8Xd3N8ZvhoA7NxdA ).

But my mojo for Sherbourne just came back so i have continued the build! As you can see on the photo below so have I continued with the tree nailing. One thing that make it much easier sine last year is that I increased the hole diameter from 0.5 to 0.6 mm. This make the production of the tree nails so much easier because they don't split so often. The foto below show how I am doing the tree nailing. Also one one  plank has been replased as you can see in the upper part of the photo.


W6VOoR6qqwzj4lF_RJi_xHsEmpx1y_uz08IQQ_Qe Now have i drilled all the holes and I have a big blister on my finger..... Sherbourne is not so seaworthy at the moment :)



This is all from me for now. I felt it was a good thing to start the build log again.


Best regards


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