Making Fire buckets

I needed to make a half dozen fire buckets for my project so I took a few photo's to show how I made mine. Once I had a size in mind I made a pattern and cut some thin brass to that I than tinned opposite ends and opposite sides. So that when the brass is rolled into a cone the tinned ends will be face to I used a tapered dowel to help form the rolled cone shape for The rolled forms are a little long/tall for triming down later. Using a block of wood with a hole drilled just shy of bucket height and snug at the top i than placed a ring of wire around top of bucket and soldered in using the tapered dowel while soldering ring in to place helped line things Should come out looking like the next step was to cut out small disc of brass that was just a bit bigger than the bottom of bucket. with the disc on the end of the tapered dowel a bucket was lower over the end and pushed the disc to the bottom of bucket but not clear thur. Just enough of a lip to solder it in place, Some clean up with files and paper is Lastly some paint and install Not sure when it became the practice of painting fire buckets red or if there ever was a rule to do so. 

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