Fair American 1780 by DocBlake - Lauck Street Shipyard - 1/48 scale - POF

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Back at it with Christmas now past.  Not much to see, but I completed the glue-up of all the frames.  Next is sanding the inboard edges, matching each frame to the plans and either shimming or trimming so they fit exactly, and then prepare the notches which hold the frame to the keel.  More photos after a little more progress.

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Started back on this project. I'm currently sanding the inboard surfaces of the frames before gluing them to the keel.  There isn't much room to sand inside the model once the frames are glued in place.


I own a oscillating spindle sander, but I found the revolving speed was sanding too aggressively.  I have a rheostat, but it didn't work on the spindle sander.  Fortunately, my full size drill press has an induction motor which allowed the rheostat to control the speed of the revolution.  I slowed it down and got a speed where I could control  how much stock I was removing more  easily.  No pictures here...kind of boring work.

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Hi Dave -- Glad to hear you're back at it.  I've tried speeding up the tedious job of sanding in one way or another, but almost always find any power sander to be far too aggressive.  I almost took the quarterdeck of my Rattlesnake just by using a Proxxon detail sander!


Cant' wait to see the frames lining up in place!





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