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Windlass purchase link

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Hello everyone,


I am building the Benjamin W. Latham fishing schooner, scale1:48 :


I am working on the whole windlass, and I am looking for tips or examples on how to model a realistic purchase link and shackle between the rocker and the purchase arm (both Britannia fittings supplied with the kit).


I don't want to put a copy here for copyright reason, but you can see what I am talking about on page 672 of Chapelle book on American Fishing Schooners.



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Shephan, It's hard to determine just how the old boat builders made things.  But this is how I tried to follow the information in Chapelle's book for my model of the Lettie G Howard.





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I just bent and soldered the rods and links from brass wire on this 1/60 scale model:


The purchase arms were made from three layers of brass soldered together, as they have to sort of clamp around the ratched wheel. It is a bit fake, however, as the ratched wheel does not have grooves on the side into which the brackets of the purchase arms would link. There are also no ratches ;)

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