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Inexpensive powered rope walker

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While completing my previous build, I was very unhappy with the anchor ropes supplied because they were completely out of scale. After some research I decided to build my own rope walker. It only cost me about $50 AU to make. The main cost was the motor and coupling. Perspex I had left over from another job and the variable speed/on off attachment from my Domanoff Serving Machine proved most useful. Mini bearings were very cheaply sourced from eBay. I have labelled each picture in an attempt to show how it was constructed. I intend to make as many ropes as possible for my current build - Caldercraft's Bounty when the time comes. Hope somebody gets some ideas from this post.













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Nah Brian, I'll leave the commercial side of things to others who are much more qualified than I. I've got lots of great ideas from this site so I'm just sharing an idea that may spark others to create something similar - or better - for their own use. :)




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Greetings Hornet;


That is a very clever little set-up!  Congratulations on your ingenuity,  and thanks for sharing this with us.  I think I'll have a go at making something similar.


All the best,


Mark P

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Posted (edited)


Well you certainly answered my mechanization question completely. That is a beautiful piece of machinery. I'll have to get into my grandkids Lego box and see what I can find. I do have lots of fishing snap hooks. That rope is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.



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