Don Robinson carvings

This is my log showing my carvings. My weapons of choice are from Lee Valley, as you can see the blades are the same shape as others but these are somewhat smaller. I have not tried a #11 yet during my practising, but plan on trying it on my next attempt. I found the little curved one is real good for cleaning up with, seems better than sandpaper as it leaves a sharper edge.

 I have not lost my mind carving the billets I'm just waiting for glue to dry and thought this was a good way to practice. I did not bother gluing this one to a board as it is just for fun and practise. Cleaning up would have been easier and better if it had been glued down, and if you look close you can see I broke it once.




 As I said practise only, but it was a lot of fun approx. 1-1.5 hours spent doing this.

 I'll have some real carving, hopefully soon, to show

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