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Purchasing wood strips in North America

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I apologize if this question has already been answered but I did do some searching without luck.


As some of you may know I am building the Mare Norstrum and haven't had the best success so far.  However I'm perservering and am determined to finish a fine looking model.  However, I have to "re-do" a lot of the wood work because my first attempt didn't turn out the way I wanted.  Having said that, I'm running out of wood in my kit.  I'm looking to purchase regular, off the shelf, model wood such as basswood, mahogany and walnut.  I'm looking for strips 0.6 mm thick by 5 mm wide in basswood plus I need some 1.5 mm thick basswood sheet.  I would also like to add to my inventory for other sizes and types.


Where in North America is there a place that has a good selection?  I would prefer somewhere in Canada to avoid duty etc plus big freight charges and I would also prefer someone who sold metric sizes.


Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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Did you check the pinned topic at the top of this sub-forum:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/384-where-to-buy-wood/ ?


Midwest woods used to sell more than basswood and I don't know if they still do.  Many local hobby shops used to carry them.   I think they have a website. Been awhile since our local shop carried them so I don't know what's available.


Do you have a small table saw?   There's quite a few places that sell sheet stock that can be ripped.  

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I was in busybee tools in Mississauga and they gave a list of local wood suppliers. I havn't been in touch with any of them at this point, but as they are all in Southern Ontario you could ask them what they can do for you. The contact info and websites are listed below. For our American friends, your dollar goes quite a bit further up here!


The Wood Shed

Smithville, Ontario

905 957 3933



Exotic Woods

Burlington, Ontario

905 335 8066



A&M Wood Specialty

1 800 265 0624



Peacock Lumber

Oshawa, Ontario

905 725.4744


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Haliburton, I took your advise and contacted A & M Wood Specialty.  Very nice to deal with and very helpful. I ended up buying 5 sq ft of Sapele and 5 sq ft of (equivalent to) Ramin. Both were $1.50 / sq ft. They were really helpful and didn't seem to have a problem with small orders.  I do tend to think though that the minimum is 5 sq ft.  They are shipping it to me on UPS for a flat rate cost of $20. which is reasonable because for me to go there and back would take 4 hours plus a tank of gas anyway. Thanks for your help

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Just to update, I received my veneers from A & M Wood Specialty and would like to comment on them.  I had asked for 5 sqft of Sapele and 5 sqft of something equivalent to Ramin.  What i received was 8.2 sq ft of Sapele (in amazing condition).  I also got 4.3 sq ft of obeche.  It was splintering on the edges and ends but for the amount i needed i realy could have worked with it.  However, I guess because of the condition, he also sent me 5.4 sq ft of maple.  So for paying for a total of 10 sq ft of material (at $1.50 / sf) i ended up with 16.9 sq ft total.




I would definitely recommend this company.

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I asked them if they could provide 6mm thick veneers and he said no problem.  Tonight I took my calipers to them and they average between 0.5 and 0.7 mm.  So I have no problem with that at all.  They should hopefully work out fine for me.  Now i just need to find a way to make 5 mm wide strips out of them.

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