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I have just finished reading 

Modelling Sailing Men-Of-War, by Philip Reed, An illustrated Step by Step Manual

A fantastic resource wonderful pictures all 384 plus of them 

I can not tell you the price as its a hand me down But first published in 2000 by Chatham publishing and in the USA by the Naval Institute press in Annapolis so hope fully there are plenty of copies to be had.



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His books are excellent.  I would highly recommend his more recent book, where he displays some more refined techniques, and where the pictures are in very high quality color:





I have to say, I always thought that I would jump to 1:48 scale or bigger on my future scratch builds.  After reading his books and seeing his work, I'm rethinking that.  It's astounding the level of detail that he is able to create at the 1:200 scale or thereabouts, at less cost for materials, and less space in the workshop and home.

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