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yes Toni, the step by step does show that its possible to complete a complicated piece, as you can see all the different stages dont look that difficult and are quite rough, but when you get to the end and clean the piece up it looks like a master carvers work!!!!!

   I use two types of blades Cog, the stanley blade (my favourite) and one with the steel back edge, i would like to point out that i do shape my blades to suit the job in hand, heres a couple of pics of my designer blades, I buy them in packs of 100 so I dont feel limited when grinding out new ones, as you can see in the pics i do like a rounded end, depending on what your doing I feel it easier to cut a line by rolling the blade rather than trying to cut into it, this does depend on the cut though.


anyhow cheers all



rules there is no rules


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This is how I went about carving the crown, first I shaped it in the lathe, the lathe I use is a metal working lathe, so I dont have a tool steady, so I gently shaped it using stanley blades.  i have a lot of experience with this  machine but i would not advise anyone to try this method without a tool steady



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Next I cut some tamiya masking tape to the desired thickness and stuck it on the top to act as a guide for cutting. Then having the basic shape I just carried on with stanley blades and my dremel to get the the stage shown in the last photo, still work in progress but no need to go mad at this scale











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whilst I was carving the two grooves in the bands at the top of the crownd I had a bit of a disaster !! Chipped a small lump out of one of the top bands, bit fed up about it but its not that easy to spot with the naked eye so going to have to live with it. I should have grooved the bands before hollowing them out 


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the last picture shows one of the orbs surrounding the crown has also chipped off but even with 20 20 eyesight its hard to spot with the naked eye. I would of liked to make the top bands thinner but I think the risk is too great



cheers lads and lasses





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