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Carvings with a cnc router

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Having used my cnc router for years to produce 2D and 2.5D parts for my models, I have recently thought to use the machine also to make carvings for my present project.

But the problem is that with my present CAD program I cannot make any 3D modelling. So the question is, where to find a modern, reasonably priced, easy to learn relief carving program. Some colleagues have suggested Autodesk`s ArtCam, but I consider it too expensive and perhaps already a bit aged. There must be more modern variants available.

My machine is a 3 axis one which normally should be adequate for relief carving, but if 4th axis is necessary, it would be reasonably easy and cheap to upgrade.

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Take a look at this resource as a starting point- Vector Art 3D.

You cannot create or edit the files they produce but you can scale them.

If you can find designs in their gallery that suit your project, it is a cheap and hassle-free method of producing nice work.

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