First carving attempt by Joop

Hello all.


The disadvantage of living in the Netherlands is that the postal costs for a little package is so enormous ( 15$) that I decided to try to make the blanks myself instead of ordering them at the NRG. 


At first I printed the paper on 100%. Glued it on a piece of pear of 3,5 mm(~9/64") and started sawing with my litlle proxxon scroll saw. With the help of my trusted loup I was able to make a neat example of a crown. The next very tricky step was to drill the holes with a 0.3 mm (~1/64") drill bit. With the help of some coffee and proper daylight this went well. all the holes went in on the right spot without breaking any drill.


Next step will be to mount it on a piece of wood and start carving.


The picture is the result of a nice couple of hours.


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Too late, but a stress free and precise way to drill the holes:

For small subjects, temp bond the piece to a base, mark/start the holes with a very sharp awl

and drill the holes with a drill press.

It avoids the twitch problem with free hand drilling as well as doing the hole perpendicular.

I find that the bits want to dance on the surface, and the awl produced pit avoids that.

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Joop, you are doing the right thing. I think we all like the fact that Chuck got us started with laser-cut pieces, but in reality we all need to know how to make carvings like this from scratch. 

There are lots of books and on-line 'how to' instructions, but they are all for much larger carvings. To work at our scale requires a bit more care and some ingenuity. So go for it, drill tiny holes and carve those babies.
We are all watching, experimenting and learning.

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After working for 3 hours at the carving I tried to make a hole in the center of the crown. Because of the thickness of the wood I thought it might be clever to try it with a small routerbit and my trusted proxxon . It didn't work out at all :huh: . Slipped twice and decided after to quit.


Next step as unsolving the glue. That also didn't work out well. After soaking in Isopropanol for 8 hours nothing happend  :( .


So in the picture is my first attempt to carve. Nice to do but I need a lot of practice .


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Hi, Joop......


Great job of scroll sawing the piece, and some quality practice time and patience will vastly improve the carving. Don't get discouraged by your first attempt. It will get easier with practice.



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