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      An Incentive for Starting a Build Log

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      BUT nobody has started a build log yet.  As an incentive we have decided to reward the first three (3) MSW / NRG members who purchase the plans and start and continue* actual build logs** from the plans. 

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      1 year NRG membership or extension                                                      ($50 - $62 value)



      *“Continue” means that multiple posts containing build log content must be made for a minimum of 30 days after the initial post.  Logs will be tracked by starting date and the first 3 that have continued for 30 days following their initial post will be declared the winners.

      **Note the words “actual build logs” – no fair showing a few pieces of wood and going no further just to win. 


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kees de mol

The (not always correctly) Nautical 'museum' (kitsch allert!)

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Hello Everybody,


Maybe You know that I like to sniff around in little second hand shops, garage sales and jumle sales for stuff and things related to fishery and shipping.

Most of the times I don't find anything or the price is so high that I can't or don't want to afford it. But sometimes I find a little treasure for a price my missus won't kill me for (if she finds out...) and I take it home to my little 'museum'.


It seemed like a good idea to me to make a topic here so I can show You my new findings. First I hope to place pictures from all the items I found up to now and after that I will update every once in awhile to show You my new (shoddy works of art) NAUTICAL findings.


Here's the latest Item. I found it totally broken and dust covered in a dark corner of a second hand store. I really had no idea what it was but I was sure it was fishing industry related. The price was € 2,50 and because them money would be used to help people quiting drugs I found that a good price. At home I rebuild it and added some fresh oil on the wood and this is what she looks like now.


31186513106_89603968b5_b.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31221914405_5ee5a598e0_b.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31221914735_5bf99038c6_b.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


After some searching and asking I found out what it is. It's a Vleetrol (dutch word) and was used to bring the 'Vleet' (a very big black cotton gillnet) from a horse wagon to the ship or the second floor of the netting manufacturer. I was said they were used up to the 1920's


Here's an old picture of a 'vleetrol'


31117464121_7722e03d2d_b.jpgvleetrol by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


Hope You like my little treasure and next time I show You some really, really piece of kitch!


Kind Regards, Kees

Edited by kees de mol

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Hello Everybody,


I promissed you some real piece of kitch but that has to wait because of the restauration I am busy with.


Here some piece of ART which I am very happy! I found it in a second hand shop nearby and it cost me 1 euro. (If they had asked 10 I would have payed it also.)


Here's the artifact


30773212890_af01895081_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


And the backside


30997602502_8f11e9987f_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


It is a small decorational tile with the Dutch Hektrawler KW123, Holland on it. The backside tells it was build and launched in October 1964 and I was told the tile was a companygift also from 1964.


Here is a nice old color picture of the actual ship.


31074323600_54eb839845_c.jpgkw123k by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


Today Ouwehand still exists. Not as a fishing company anymore but as one of the biggest fishproccesing companies in Holland. The headquarter is in Katwijk (where I live) and lots of years ago I spend lots and lots of days here for my hollyday job. My job was to clean all the drainpipes trough the factory and keep them clear from fishwaste. (I smelled so much my own mother didnt let me in when I came home. I had to shower in the garden)


31299517812_3942699434.jpgOuwehand by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


The watchfull eye noticed the P&P sign next to the Ouwehand sign. (Ouwehand is a part of P&P for over a decade now) Maybe you never heard about Ouwehand but there is a big change you have heard of P&P Parlevliet en van der Plas. They are a very big fishing company with fishingships all over the world. Names as Margiris or Atlantic Dawn may ring a bell to You because Green Peace got a lot of media attention in their battle against these ships fishing in Australian waters.


There is a lot to say about big fishingcompanies and maybe this tile tells a story for itsell. And old fisherman said to me. "they should never be bigger than this" (the ship)


But... they went bigger and bigger and bigger....


Up to the next item in the museum

Edited by kees de mol

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Another Hektrawler landed in my museum-stash today.

I walked into the shop and within 3 seconds I detected (with me lasereyes) the little pendrawing squeezed between a pile of ugly oilpaintings, pictures of stupidflowers, photo's of some broken mariages and those really, really unsightly Anne Geddes posters.

I started running and then made the jump. This one is mine! A 'beautifull' pendrawing of a Dutch Hektrawler KW172 Dirk Diederik. Its about 30cmx20cm and I gave it a better looking wooden frame. Unfortunatly it's not an original but a limited print. For 1 euro I could take it with me and at home I managed to hide it for the missus. (otherwise I couldn't write this message) Now I give it a nice place at my wall of infinite kitsch-iness.


The drawing

31511796445_4464ab8122_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


The original

30671200434_0e31bf3613_z.jpgkw172c by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31365287592_9738cd914b_c.jpgkw172 dirk diederik by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


Cheers en see You next time when I show you my litle treasures.

Edited by kees de mol

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Today I finished the restauration of my masterPiece of Kitschyness!! :10_1_10:


Ring the bells and sing praises to this great and worthy Work of Art! :pirate41: 

Sorry for my 'enthousiasm' but when I placed this item (temporarily!! by order of the Admiral) in the livingroom, the cat covered here eyes and all the electric equipment went down for a few minutes... :o


Here I finally present you my long long wanted Dutch Herring cart!!!! Bought here a few weeks ago for 4 euro and I spend around 2 euro on materials. :piratetongueor4:


30941444033_6442229d53_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


Yes there are even some lights on it!!!! :cheers:

30909500054_3e2852a75b_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


30941443453_1a4a02a4ee_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


I know! It;s not a herring, but... Who cares? :dancetl6::D 

30941443163_3f9e2a35b4_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


How she was

31141077765_0979e9340a_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr



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Today a more serious item for the museum which I am very proud. I got her after a phonecall of a nice lady who said she had a little sailingship for sale. It came from the attick and was totally broken and dust covered. I don't place any pictures of how she was because I think no one have to see her that way anymore. When I picked the ship up I found out she was a little bigger than the lady told me (more than 1,2 meter in length) . I paid 25 euro for it, more than I usually do for my 'museum'-items but I think she is worth it.

The model is based on a wooden 'Vlaardinger' herringlugger and the registrationnumber is fictional. But when you compare her to other herringluggers from that age you find out she is historical very correct.

After a tourough restauration and a nice wooden base here are the pictures of how she looks now.


31114859443_2eb95dd0bc_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31807552251_026d48b1cb_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31886976646_15dab57682_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31776543412_e687c2d901_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31776542722_8dbd505a94_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31923900605_5153620443_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31776540522_05e0f13df9_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31886971746_e43d80391a_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31886971736_497bc60bdb_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31114851923_45ebac4cc2_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31776540542_147b90f26d_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31886970586_ee5975f602_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31923900265_c4aec67338_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31886971266_0c59cf708d_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31923896895_2e64016837_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


Cheers, Kees

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Okay back to bussiness.


This item I am even a little ashamed for. This one is so Kitsch that you can't even call it Kitsch anymore... :rolleyes:


But it was there... In the second hand shop... and it was cheap...(one euro)  and.....     I JUST HAD TO BUY IT!!!!!


This was the missing link, the piece that would connect all my other kitschy works of art to one single collection. This was the human touch missing in my world famous collection of maritime junk. Finally there was a real fisherman. :piratebo5:


Meet ED..... With his Net.... :bird-vi:


32013816832_902b013bdd_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


32044055261_433e3b8d5b_c.jpg by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


And offcourse I did some improvement to this little gem.. Ed had a net but no needle to repair the nets. So I made one out of a little piece of hard wood. B)


31787335600_ec290d2cfb_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


Next museum item will be something more serious.      serioussss :cheers:

Edited by kees de mol

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Do you do tours?


Yes I do!


When you ever touch Dutch ground please feel welcome to visit my humble home. I will take care of a good meal and a nice botle of wine. :cheers:


On to another Gem in my collection. Last week I walked trough the charity-shop looking for some nice museum worthy items. Sadly I had not find any nice Kitschy props for weeks so I was....




After leaving the shop a nice lady (working in the shop) called me and she said she knew a nice plate with a ship on it. She said "I know you are allways looking for things with ships on it". :o Ohh nooo.. They caught me.... I am not anonious anymore..... B)


But offcourse I did a sprint to the plate and there I found a Beautifull...................


Ashtray :huh:


Okay it is beaten, broken and glue residu was all over it. Butt.... It has a Beautifull Dutch flatbottom fishingship on it ('bomschuit') with fishingnumber KW12. KW stands for Katwijk which is my hometown.


Here's my new True Piece of Art Kitsch!!!!


31585820264_3bbf590094_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31585814814_dac4b7137d_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr

Handpainted..... :dancetl6:


Cheers..... Kees :bird-vi:

Edited by kees de mol

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This one is COOL!






                                                        This is the coolest artfact I found in a long, long time...



Last week there was a flee market and I was there. I never go to these markets because the prices are to high and I don't like the atmosphere. To mutch rubbish and people who try to let you pay idiotic prices for the stuf they sell.


But for some reason I went to the market this time and as I expected it was a waist of time so I rushed to walk along the stalls so I could go home. But at the last two stalls I stopped and found this Item.


A switch in my head automatically turned into BUY!!!! and I was willing to pay "any" price..... any price. But it went out good for me and after some hagling about the price I paid 30 euro for it (about 32 dollar/25 pound) For me this is a good price for a rare item like this


It's made of brass in two pieces. The propellor and the end-piece The blades are razorsharp and the prop is very well made. The diameter is 23cm (9 inches) To be honnest I don't know if the end-piece is original. In the prop is the number 13 engraved.


After some asking arround someone told me it could be a testprop for big scale models used for testing new shipdesigns (Marin Wageningen or HSVA Hamburg or....)



                                                                                        You also think it's COOL??




31695808443_d41ce2eb15_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


32466633586_51e1527b1f_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31695808073_c4aec975e2_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


32128613860_6e27fac545_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31663891904_20315fc846_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


I wish you lot's of fun walking trough my museum and as you can see there are very Kitschy items but also very interesting items like this prop.


Next item will be a very serious item. Serious but a little kitschy too

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Hey Kees


I agree. It's very well made and it would certainly have an interesting story behind it, I'd imagine.


Nice find!





Edited by Omega1234
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Serious (but a litlle kitschy too)


That's what I promissed you last time and here it is...


Another ashtray....


Only god knows why on earth anyone would make an ashtray like this because the picture on the ashtray shows a monument for the fishermen lost at sea during the great war from 1914 to 1918. For me it is a very strange thought that you make an ashtray of such a delicate subject.


The text on the monument.

the sea will return her dead.
Commemorating the tough fishermen
who died during the war years 1914 1919


The monument is positioned in front of the beautiful Andreas church (1640)


31663890014_bb7e588cd5_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


31663888714_8b78870e2c_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr

N. Parlevliet is an old fishingcompany


32390584610_e4f9fd2247_q.jpgvissersmonument by Model Fishingships, on Flickr

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   My wife complained that I spent to much time building and restoring model boats so I built her a Victoria Doll House. I love going through shops and now she follows me to all the antique shops looking for miniature artifacts to decorate her new home. She loves going with me and she wants me to build her a second miniature home. I will forward pictures of some of the interesting items she has acquired. Pat at Skiff Lake NB Canada


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So happy last week when I entered the arena of eternal pleasure and satisfaction (The second hand store). Right in front of me between a picture of a weeping traveller boy and a bad copy of a rembrandt there was this beauty. Big as it is 70 x 50 centimeters and a real photo, not a poster. For the price of beer in the pub I could take it with me....


Hektrawler VL89, Monica (VL = hometown Vlaardingen)

Owner: Kwakkelstein

year: 1974



Sold to Peru in 1987


33271245505_6f83267da1_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


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On 9-3-2017 at 10:53 PM, *Hans* said:

Wow, just walked by your little "museum" and thought by my self - why not go inside to have a look at all the nautical stuff?


I liked it!

Thank you, thank you. Hope you save you discount voucher for your next visiteB)

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1 hour ago, *Hans* said:

To get a free coffee? I'll keep the voucher!

Depends on the coffee.  If I was in Europe, I'd drink nothing but Gevallia.  Can be a little hard to find here.

I might gather my kitsch together, just for giggles.  I bet we all have a collection of more-or-less kitschy stuff.

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Coffee is for free but it's just the home brand and not something fancy. But I will serve some cookies with it;)


Last week I found this (round) piece of art. Even my missus is fond of it. It's a "Delft's blue" plate. The plate is a promotional gift from the fishing company Ouwehand (see my reply number 4) Not ery rare but not easy to find.


In the picture you see people rigging herring on spears. They place the hearing in a big smoke oven to smoke them. After smoking the herring is sold as "Bokking". Bokking is very nice to eat because the herring is big and fat. You could compare it with smoked mackeral or trout.

The spiting (spearing) of herring was usualy a womens job when the men were at sea.


33456184462_c4cd306d10_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr


32770241124_ee79039726_c.jpgUntitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr

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