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flying cloud mamoli

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hello friend :)

we have a friend in our grope that has a medical issues , and his family want to sale his kits...

i see in the list of the models that he has the flying cloud of mamoli and i can get it for 260 usd

and i want to help hIm , I believe he needs the money for his issues


just want to know if someone has Experience with this model and if the frames are laser cut ?

please i need the answer soon as possible :)

thank you and best regards!


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Most of the time in Mamoli kits, frames are not laser cut. It was going through the transition before the fire hit. Since Flying Cloud is one of their earlier kit, I doubt you can find a laser cut one. Also, even though the frames are laser cut, they are most likely a direct tracing from the original plan, but not a result from 3D modeling. As a result, laser cut frames may also need fix here and there as the non laser frames. 

Hope this helps.

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