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Manage to spend some quality time in the workshop. Planking the inside is done to the level of the lower deck.





The guide lines for the treenails is marked, next is drilling the holes and do the treenails.



In the meantime I planed to do something different for the deck beams. I did a two timber deck beam with a table and lipped scarph.


The one on the right is glued and with the black paper. It came out better then I was expecting for a first try. Now the problem is that the plans are made to use a constant thickness beam which is not the case of this one.



Any advice on how to compensate for this? In the case of the lower left and upper right beam arm it must be shorter then on the plans and the other two it must be bigger... I could not find an example of a two timber beam on a model (found several examples of a three timber beams though). As for this one the cuts for the beam arms and carling will "cut" the scarph of the beam.


Any advice is welcome...



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