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popeye the sailor

Thermopylae by popeye the sailor - Sergal - 1:124 scale

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Yeah billings didn't include any deadeye hoops on the bounty I think there plans where still running in the plastic deadeye with there hoop attached then just bend the chain link to the plastic deadeye 


sorry to hyjack your log with my bounty questions perhaps you would take a look at my bounty build log and steer my right if I'm going wrong 


many thanks


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I will do that Steve........yea,  it's sad that Billings supplies the plastic dead eyes and blocks.   I don't mind the blocks so much though.....they do look alright on my fishing vessels.


hello Dave..welcome to the log.   I'm rather surprised how this little model sucked me in.......almost hard to put it down.   enjoy...... ;) 


I did a little bit more on her Friday night.......once I get  the pictures together,  I'll post them.

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I finally put together the pictures from Friday.......figured I'd add them in with today's.    bad thing is......I wasn't very diligent with the camera.    I had cemented the boom on the bow spirit.   after it had dried,  I cut some thin strips of brass,  and added collars to the assembly.


at this point,  I began to work on the masts,  since I was playing with them.    double checking the height......guess it's OK.......I matched them to the diagram of the sail plan.   after a bit of whittling to the upper end the tops and the trestle trees were cemented in place.


I thought I had a picture of them in place on the model.......but I guess I didn't.   I had done a few other things before I knocked off for the evening.......making up part of the bow railings,  and adding the second step to the fore and main mast.   


I need to finish them,  of course.   the work on the masts continued by adding the second step to the mizzen mast.



to add the third step to the masts,  I had to make the cross trees.   no measurements,  no numbers....I'm pretty much feeling this out.......just going by the diagrams in the instructions {and there are only two to follow.


for the third step,  I found that I was one cap short........must have used a wrong one somewhere,  'cuz there's one in the parts box.   I have some of that  thin stiff plywood,  that the kits supply {a parts panel},  and I made one.   it can be seen in the picture.  the cross tree to the left has not been trimmed yet.......I left the fore and aft bars long...no sanding either.   the fore and main mast were assembled at this time......the mizzen cross tree still needs to be made.


the mizzen was assembled and plank slats were added to the tops........these need to be trimmed.   by the time I finish this update,  I should be able to trim them......if it isn't too late,  I'll post a picture of the masts.......ready for paint and brass.


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well then Greg.......I guess I'd better fix the exhaust on that thing!   :D      thanks for the good word,  my friend.......and thanks for the likes.  this is just the bare bones of the masts.......there's more to be added to them.    as you can see........it was late.   I barely finished trimming the tops.   they needed to have planking added to them.  they said to use the 0.5 x 3 strips........I used the .75 strips {they might even be 1 mm thick}.   leaving a slot for the shrouds to run through,  they were planked to the ends,  leaving a gap between them.


once dry,  they were trimmed using the toe nail clippers.   this wood is really brittle.......the mizzen gave me some grief,  but I fixed it.


are they called cross trees or crojacks.........always knew them as the cross trees {Revell's fault}.   Well.....anyway,  I hope they aren't too big.......based their size according to the caps.   the mizzen is fixed and sanded.......they're all fitted on the ship.



still gotta finish the rub rail stripe.......and make the rest of the deck furnishings.   I think this is the direction of the day.


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thanks Bob :)   OK........so my cross trees don't make me look fat........GOOD! ;)  my first attempt at making them {it wasn't on this build}......I'm not too happy with.  if I ever get back to said build,  I might change them.  the day did not go as planned..........:ph34r:


I had left the bow railings on the desk,  in the event during the week end,  I felt up to some play time.   I didn't.   so,  the day began with getting then done and out of the way.   one of the railings.....I forget which one,  had a pin that was out of place.   in trying to fix it,  the pin broke.....so a new one was cemented in it's place......that is,  after filing down the stub of the old one.   the first strand was strung on,  when I realized I would not have enough to do the aft railings.   getting a short length of light cord from the garage,  a fresh bunch of wire strands was extracted.



both railings were strung and cemented.......I found a pair of tweezers that do the trick with straightening out the rungs.......these actually came out looking better.   I may be getting used to this lilliputian modeling ;)   after a bit more tweaking,  they were given a coat of paint.


I made a special sleeve to keep the wire in.......I kept out two for the aft railing.  capping off one end of a plastic tube,  it works perfectly.


the bollards need to be prepped and painted.   in assembling them,  the pins to insert them in the base,  are too long and stick out the bottom.   they need to be filed down first.  once filed,  they were stuck on a piece of tape,  that I had laid out.   the lonely one on the right broke,  so the base needed to be replaced.......good thing I have the extra parts panel,  that I ordered from Cornwall.....I have the part to fix it.


you can see how flimsy the bases are.......made of that thin stiff plywood.   why that particular material was chosen,  is anyone's guess.   the panel I'm talking about can be seen at the beginning of this log.......if you recall,  the parts for the structure in the background,  is on the same panel.   I started to make the fife rails........and the bow fife rail....but I got distracted.........I began thinking.........:ph34r:     I wanted to do something on the trawler.........but that wasn't it :unsure:     I was befuddled :huh:   something that will make a lot of sawdust .......:stunned:  looking at my desk.......I don't know where I had left off:excl:   I know I had the bow rail somewhere..........:omg:



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Boy!!!  didn't I leave a pile 'o puss on my desk..........huh!!!   that has since been moved to one side of my desk.   I had an inspection by the admiral today......she was not happy!   the Wharf got a number of violations.......including the improper compilation of wood!   I promised that I'd have the place ship shape in no time.......she said I had better  :rolleyes:   so what did I do......I added another boat to the table!    I have been doing a bit of work to the Boulogne Etaples of late,  but I spent yesterday afternoon doing a little on 'ole Thermie.   most of the day yesterday,  I was out getting our car inspected.........nailed it!......got my sticker and I'm legal.   I came home.....ate lunch.......and dove in head first!   the first thing done,  was to fix that stripe I painted on the rub rail.  it was a bit of a process,  but I think it passes muster.




the railings are cemented on the aft cabin roof.  it's not cemented in place yet......still not sure if it's a good idea


the bow railings are cemented in place as well.......I dumped the way I was making the bow fife rail.   looking at other ideas.



the bollards are now in place on the deck (s)



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for the bow fife rail.......I kept it simple.   it will span from railing to railing.



still need to drill the holes.....     I'm not sure it's good......but I caved.   the aft cabin is now cemented in place.   I will adjust the mizzen mast somehow.   the ship's wheel and steering box is in place as well.



...and it wouldn't be fair not to show the bow.   I made sure they were good pictures ;) 



there's still more to go on the deck.........I painted the bilge pump and winch .....the last thing I did.   today,  I didn't do anything.........spent most of the day updating  the Thermopylae log on Weebly,  and was in and out running errands.   I'm hoping to be able to sit back and play tomorrow.   perhaps I can get something done on all three ship projects! ;)   thanks for look'in in!

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That all looks so good Dennis, it always amazes me how much you get done in a day. I am happy if I can get a pair of shrouds done.


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thanks Sam......and all who hit the like button :)   with a lot of these furnishings made earlier,  it doesn't take long to add them to the model.   sometimes it's quite startling,  to see all that progress in a short amount of time.  what really stunk,  was it took me a couple of days {with all the other crap I was doing} to update that Weebly log.   what I have left now,  is to update the Boulogne log on Word Press.......but that will be easy {only two updates so far}.    I've done these logs on every build I've done since 2009........sounds crazy,   but the feedback I've gotten from them has been quite positive and helpful to those inquiring.  


it's good though that it doesn't infringe on my build time too badly.......I still manage to enjoy :)     onward and upward! 

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thanks for the good word gents.......and to all who hit the like button,  an big thanks as well.     this week was a tough week for modeling.........I simply couldn't get much of it.   I even ignored the lawns,  which I will need to mow next week for sure.......  today,  I had to run to the neighboring town to rescue our future daughter in law........her car wouldn't start.   she told me that someone there tried to jump start her car.........I did it and the car started right up ;)   I think someone doesn't know how to jump start a car....hmmmmmmm.


hope I can have another update on her soon.......she's not leaving the other table.   only if she's being moved to my desk ;)   

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Hi Denis


Life gets in the way, sometimes!  No stress though.  


But, I'm like your future daughter in law....wouldn't know the first thing about jump starting a car😳.  Gotta admit, I thought modern cars couldn't be jump started???


Have a great weekend!





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Hello Popeye


Just catching up on your great clipper ship, golly it seems that you sure have a lot of detail built since my last visit to your build log. You sure are adding a lot of nice details to your build, just love that aft stern handrail, keep up the great work and,                                                                                            ENJOY.


Regards   Lawrence

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thanks for all the nice comments every one....and the likes as well :)   jump starting a car isn't any different than starting an older car.   on the car your jumping......pos on pos / neg on neg.....on the jumper car pos on pos / neg on any metal part of the engine {some cars come with hooks or eyelets for engine removal....or use a mount or bracket}   I raise the idle of the jumper car for about five mins....should be long enough to start the car.   of course it's a good idea to insure you have good connections.......I have the feeling the person who tried to start her car did not.   when connecting the cables...neg last.......when removing cables....neg first.  you don't want to create a voltage spike......that's when you run into problems ;)


I'm sure Per...if you were to start this kit,   you'd do just fine.......just go scratch ;) 


always glad your checking in Pat...no matter what the medium :)  


follow the direction above Patrick......you'll be jump'in 'em like a pro ;) 


thanks Lawrence.......making the transom cap rail was not to tough to make......I still have to make railings that go around there.

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