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Thermopylae by popeye the sailor - Sergal/Mamoli - 1:124 scale

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Seems this ship is throwing a fair number of of challenges at you Denis but it seems you are "adapting and overcoming" :)  Nice start to your planking.





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thanks for the good word gents....you may think otherwise when you see how the rest turned out.  I'll get to that when I post the pictures ;)  thanks to all who hit the like button as well.


thanks Scott and John :)   with a scale this size........no,  tree nailing is not an option ;) 


thanks E.J.   I'm using the mahogany to simulate teak wood.   I've found that combining different woods,  can have quite a bit of eye appeal.  used in combination with different styles of deck planking, one can also add their own bit of decorative flare.  I was looking at one build the other day,  which I thought was very imaginative. ;) 


thanks Pat......with what I've uncovered so far......let's just say that I'm still diligently looking for the ship in this box ;)   ....and to think.....the Syborn has taken a back seat to this one {not really,  but it feels like it}.   I do have to laugh......the size of this hull is nothing that I've dealt with before {oh wait!!!!   I can't say that.....the Billing's AmericA}.  anyway......I'm so used to laying the hull across my lap,  as I work on it.   I had the archive pen in my hand........I went to move and the hull began to roll off my lap!   now it has a big swatch of India Ink on her port side :D   kinda reminds me of my near damaging experience with my Epiphone bass guitar.   it's shaped like a Gibson......it's called the Epiphone Les Paul for this reason.   the one bad thing about this body design,  is that it's prone to the strap to pop off.   I was at practice one night......and in the middle of a song,  it happened!   it began to drop,  and I grabbed it lightning quick!   it has my claw marks in the fretboard to prove it.......it never hit the floor ;)     it now is equipped with strap locks.

     I'm almost finished with the main deck planking.......just a small area to go.   that half circle of mahogany,  i'm shaping is a pain.......it broke again.   oh well.....>shrug<   work continues :) 

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Hi Denis


She's come a long way, Denis.  The hatches, waterways and decking are looking great and they'll no doubt, add heaps of atmosphere to the ship.


Nicely done!





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thanks Patrick.....still more to go :)   should look pretty good,  when the layout is all put together.  


speaking of layout........the main deck is fully planked.   one bit of advice I can give anyone who would be building this model in the future......fill in the hold and aft cabin punch outs  and map them out yourself.   I made a huge mistake in not mapping the deck platform out,  before assembly.......I did it later,  when elbow room was scarce.   but I think the holds are not positioned properly,  slightly off center.  the fore hold could come aft a couple of mm's.........the mid ship hold could DEFINITELY come back a few,  as it's position doesn't give enough room for the cabin structure.  the aft hold could come forward a few mm's and get it away from the bulkhead.  the holds are assembled around the openings......that's how I measured them.  I left an overhang around them {seemed normal to me}, but I see that perhaps they shouldn't have had any.   what spawned from all this was me having to alter the plank widths  in a few rows,  throughout the planking,  in order to keep the rows in sync.

     I did redo one area......partially due to a messed up mast hole,  but the outcome was the same.   the mast hole came out better......that was a plus ;)   further thoughts of redoing it was shot down........if this were a larger scale,  there might be more promise :)   I also tried something I haven't done before......scraping the deck.   limited due to the small spaces,  but it worked well.....I finished off with sanding.   I've not stained it because I still need to do the aft deck.....so no finishing will be done until the aft deck is planked.  I'll do them both together.




what are the rule concerning butt staggers before or after a hold....especially in the case of a short plank?   should the hold frame work be centered between main beams?

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I also started with the poop deck {aft deck}.   first was to border off the aft cabin.   I ran the archive pen around the inside edges,  just in case there were any gaps around the structure.


it took some doing........that piece of waterway around the transom was very brittle.......it broke a few times,  while I was sanding and shaping it.   it actually came out better than I thought it would, considering what I went through to make it.   add the sides and it was complete.......only some minor trimming involved.



then the planking began........


the hole for the rudder.......don't know why it was needed........the rudder doesn't come through it.   the wheel pad was added......there isn't a wheel box,  like the Cutty has.   it still needs to be made yet.   I'll get the rest of this done today........perhaps I'll throw just say the heck with it and do the fore deck too.   I can always snake the anchor chain in place when the time comes.

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thanks to all who hit the like button :)


thanks Bob.


thanks John........so they would be framed  in between beams.   looking at the stagger lines,  I have them at every bulkhead,  as well as at every half measurement.   on some POB kits,  it might be hard to map out,  due to the bulwark posts.......but on this one,  it could have been done easily,  since the posts are to be removed.   in the future,  I will be sure to map the deck out before they are assembled.   bad on me for forgetting to do it on this one

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a little more has been done to the build........nothing yesterday though.   I got side tracked doing video production.   we have a couple of bins of VHS tapes...movies...........we bought a VHS to DVD program for the computer.   I tried three computers,  until I found the one that will handle the program.  I had to give up my keyboard {hence my not being here yesterday}....but for my sacrifice,  I got a brand new one :)   of course,  the first tape I had to burn was our wedding video........I looked like a dork!


anyway........I did finish the aft deck.   the two deck in relation,  look pretty good :)


it was sanded and scraped.....and given the stain coat.   it really changed the way it looks.



I have run out of the semi gloss lacquer.  I had gone to Hobby Lobby.......and my luck,  they don't carry it in the bottle.......I had to get a rattle can.   so I decanted some and I had to wait for the propellant to escape,  before I can use it.   I'll be giving her a coat or two today.  I had better hurry though.......it's my youngest son's birthday,  and I promised a taco supper for him and his girlfriend.  fun times had by all!  ;)

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hi Don.....I'm typing with one hand again......holding a rub rail.   the finish you see there is just the stain.......but I think the aft deck has a coat of the bottled lacquer {which I have now run out of}.   I just finished giving both decks two coats of the new lacquer......which I find is a flat........says dull coat on the cap.   it really doesn't matter which one you use.....the semi gloss tends to dull out as it cures.   it gives a nice hard finish and is a bit more scratch resistant.......that's why I like it.   there is one draw back though.   the bottled lacquer is not as bad,  but the rattle can lacquer can be very touchy to temp and humidity,  due to the addition of propellant in the formula.   when I  {if you have to do it}  decant my paints,  I leave the caps loose for at least 12 hours,  lightly shaking it every once in a while.   if you have to use the rattle can.......be sure the temp is around 70 degrees with low humidity.  it's worth the effort though......


thanks Carl! :)

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after I left here,  I took a look in the camera.   I have a few pictures from the other day....for cry'in out loud!   I even have a picture of the deck with a coat or two of lacquer Don.   I prefer the semi gloss......it tends to leave a slight sheen,  but not overwhelming on the deck.  decks,  I feel,  should be close to flat,  since they see the weather.   the lacquer I decanted is a flat......actually it's called dull coat {after reading what it said on the cap}.   this leaves the deck dead flat........a little too flat,  than what I prefer.


as can be seen in this picture,  the rub rails have been added.   having marked them off,  both sides were installed.


the transom was a bit tougher to do.  after soaking two pieces of strip stock,  they were bent and fitted.......one didn't make it.


a short time later,  it was trimmed and cemented in place.   that's when the filler came into play.......I went over the hull,  filling in all the imperfections I could see.   this included the transom,  filling in all that nonsense and what gaps were in the transom rail.



more sanding was done after,  evening up the stern keel {you can see the bulge there},  and anywhere else that needed help.   .......and then it happened!   the bottom paint was added.   I thought about doing the copper thing,  but thinking how small the the pieces would be,  I opted just to do the paint.   this is the Billing's paint - copper......the same paint I used on the AmericA build.   it's a different hue than the Testor's copper paint.........I have at least five or so bottles of it.  back when I was doing my first United States build {back in the 90's},  I ran out of copper paint and couldn't find any anywhere.  come to find out,  there was a shortage of copper {so I was told},  and all copper reserves were being used to make coin.........no copper products were being produced because of it.   my admiral and a friend of hers were out shopping one day,  and spotted a model paint display,  which had several bottles of copper paint.  she called me and asked me about it......needless to say,  I directed her to buy as many as she could.......I got all seven bottles. :)   so,  I've had this supply since then........and when Billing USA went out of business,  Tom sent me what was left of his inventory of paint.   this also had four or five bottles of copper paint.......I am lousy with copper, gold,  and silver paint {meaning,  I have a lot of it}.   the Testor's copper paint is more vibrant in hue, than the Billing's copper........it also dries to more of a flat finish.  the hull was masked of and painted.


:D  you see the blotch I did with the archive pen........actually,  the tip of the pen wasn't damaged by it either.....it lives to mark another day ;)    then came the sad part.......    after allowing this to dry for the rest of the day...this morning,  I decided to paint the upper part of the hull.   I chose a nice green....Testor's paint.   I was about to add some thinner to it.......opening the cap,  I noticed that the paint had solidified!  I took my pick,  thinking that it just might have skinned over,  and tried to pull the layer off of it........wasn't happening.   it was jelly underneath.   oh well.......what to do, what to do.........I have nothing in the Billing's paint........unless you like Brunswick green {too dark}.   the only thing I have,  is a bottle of Model Master med green {FS34102}.  shaking the bottle and looking at it........I liked the color better....a better hue than the Testor's green I was going to use.   so......on it went!   I like it...........it's still a little blotchy because it's not totally dry,  but I think {I hope},  it will go away.



I have a little touch up to do on the starboard side,  but other than that,  it looks good.   I'm going to add a bit of tension here.....kinda make this a nail biter......the blotchyness did not go away.   I'm thinking of what I can do to alleviate it.   ....a second coat.......?   I did both colors with a brush........shows how much technique I've lost,  since I started to use an air brush.  I wouldn't have had this problem,  if I had used one in the first place!!   I have the Spraycraft compressor {I have a complete outfit of this brand of air brush}.......I could have set it up and used it,  instead of the compressor set up I have in the garage {it's still too cold out}.   I wasn't happy with the copper either........now that it is closer to being fully cured,  it seems to have taken on a faded,  dusty appearance.   I'll usually will do a primer coat before the color coat......I didn't in this case.   am I to pay dearly for it?  .....fine mess I've gotten myself into!   putting on the painter's cap......I have an idea.   icky-mae!

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thanks Dave..........wind burned???   up here we can't seem to lose the wind........man!  you ought to see it out there right now.......winds reaching up to 50 MPH!!!!!   I gotta go back to work this week end,  and the forecast is calling for snow flurries and rain......STINK-O!!!   glad you like the build so far.......I hope you still do,  once I'm done what I'm about to do ;)    wish me luck!

58d2ab3ee3ed8_images1.jpg.f22f9efe26b89bc8996548213bb0fe98.jpg I know I'm late.......I don't get out much,  what can I say! :D  :D 

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the thought of giving this a second coat did not impress me.   that's when I thought of the dull coat.   I did notice another spray can in the back row that I hadn't looked at........it was a can of flat lacquer.   it's put out by model master....does it matter what I use.........no,  not really........hmmmmmm.   setting the hull in the spray booth I set up.......all it took was three quick passes.  when both sides were done,  I closed the door and waited for it to dry.   I checked in on it after a while and was amazed with what I saw.   the hull looked much better.......the blotches were gone,  as well as the problem that was plaguing the bottom paint.



it needed to dry a little bit longer.   when I finally brought the hull back out to the computer room,  it was completely dry.  where I use enamels,  there were no adverse effects.   I'll allow it to dry for most of the day before I do anything more.......still more deck work to go.   I could do the rudder.........makes sense ;) 


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thanks for the good word........and to those who hit the like button :)   I have been trying to be fair.........with just a couple more days left to my vacation,  I have been trying to throw some attention to the trawler build.   so close,  but yet so far.   'ole Thermie has a ways to go yet ;) 


thanks Zoltan!  yea......making the structures is cool........but getting to the hull really has allowed me to get on with some major progress.   it continues! ;) 


thanks Pat :)    it's one of the reasons why I pick and choose to paint with the brush.   large areas can be a chore.....the airbrush has been a god send.   you can get a consistent even coat of paint in less time.   basically,  that's the cause.....uneven layering of paint.   it's more noticeable using a flat,  than with a gloss........instead of the sheen curing to a flat appearance,  thicker areas tend to retain the sheen.   it's also another reason why I stick to using enamels.......it's easier to use lacquers and polyurethanes on it,  than with other types of paint.  it sure beats having to sand or remove paint with thinners and such..........less messy too ;) 


thanks Carl.    Billing's paint is a good paint.  it dries to a hard finish and is fairly resistant to dings and scratches,  when fully cured.   the only real drawback that I can see is that storing it,  it is not as resilient,  than other paint types.   I blame the bottling.......they have a crappy seal.   although,  I've had this inventory of paint for quite some time now.......you figure that I've had it since Billing USA closed........I've got maybe 20 or so bottles still......it's a crap shoot what I'll find when I open the bottle.   the sheen factor between gloss and flat is good too......if your a car model buff,  this is the paint for you.   I've had to knock the sheen down,  for cry'in out loud {granted I was working on the Michael Keaton Batmobile at the time}.....it was just TOOOOOO shiny!   flat is flat.....dead sheen.

     John is right........the waterline on the Thermopylae {easy to spell now.......I typed it enough times} is too high.......don't know what I was thinking.   I'll use the airbrush to repaint it......not hard to adapt the Testor's EZ airbrush to the Spraycraft compressor.   I am having my doubts that I'll be able to adequately thin down the Billing's copper paint though.....it was pretty thick when I ended up stirring it by hand,  rather than shaking it.   I may have to switch over to the Testor's paint........I've had very little trouble storing Testor's paint.   there is a big difference between these two paints.

     the Billing's copper has a dull hue,  compared to the Testor's copper,  which has a more vibrant hue and a higher sheen factor.   I have plenty of spare bottles kick'in around......I'll try both and see what happens.   it all boils down to this though...........I may sound like a poster child for Billing's paint,   but trust me.......you'll fair just as well buying what you can get locally. ;) 


car buffs........check this site out ;) 


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but........I didn't use one.  that's the point I'm trying to make :D  :D    I do have a verbal update for you fine folks though.   it started out not too good.   I tried to thin down the Billing's copper,  but found that it had clumps in it.......it came out of the airbrush like spatter paint :(    so I abandoned that idea,  and went with the Testor's copper paint.   there isn't much to do to it,  but I cleaned the airbrush.......I had a window open,  but it was just too much to deal with,  in the house  >the admiral said she didn't mind......so I went with it<    I dumped the idea and just used the brush again.  I had to repaint the entire bottom anyway.......plus clean off the spatter to boot.   I also made an adjustment to the rudder hole and had to touch that up as well........so for that feeble reason,  I gave it another coat of the flat lacquer.   I hope I fixed it OK ;)    I'll show ya in a bit........I'm not done doll'in 'er up yet. :) 

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