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I note that Winter Journals now mailed may take until March 10 for overseas delivery. No problem, until I read the following:


"The Secretary's Newsletter sent with the Journal has a ballot for some changes to the bylaws that have been proposed by the Board of Directors. The ballot explains the voting procedures - members can vote by mail, phone or email. We urge all members to vote. The deadline for receipt of all votes is January 31, 2017. (Yes, we know the SNL says 1-31-16 - sorry)."

This means that some overseas members may not have the opportunity to read, never mind vote, on the changes by January 31! Should this deadline be extended?

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There is a group email going out before the weekend to all NRG members with the entire bylaw change detailed and a ballot for those who want to mail it in so the deadline is not an issue. 


This is the exact same time frame that has always been followed - and you point out a serious problem with relying only on members getting their notice by the SNL because of the delivery times.  The same issue comes up with the elections of Directors.  We will use the email system for notifying members of all votes from this point forward.


The mail times were not this long in the past and the delays were not an issue in the past, but whatever has changed in the mail systems outside the US would drag the voting process out for 6 months w/o the email notice and the ability to vote by email or phone.  Our members in Australia actually get their Journals before many of your fellow 

Canadians get theirs. 


The digital age is here and we will be using it more.


Take care and Merry Christmas


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