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Spoon from the Ocean Queen

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For years I was employed as the mine surveyor at a gold/silver mine in the mountains of west central Nevada, near

the site of a ghost town named Aurora, where, I was told, Marc Twain had worked briefly as a mill hand. One of my duties

was to locate claim posts in the area and it was on one of these little journeys that I found, lying on the surface of

the bone-dry earth, in an old camp site, this spoon. The mine had been started in the late 1850's so I figured that the spoon had to have been purloined by some fellow who may have had a berth on that particular clipper which, tragically, was lost at sea in the North Atlantic along with another clipper, the Driver, in February, 1856. I feel very fortunate to have found the relic and just wanted to share the story with everyone.


Fair winds,








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Thanks! It very well could be that someone else had perhaps passed over that spoon. I also found many many trade beads, a mouth harp,

a small copper priming powder flask, arrowheads o'plenty, un-fired percussion caps, suspender clasps, coffee pots, canteens, tin dinner ware...

and the list goes on. The area was littered with artifacts, some of which I rescued from being mined into oblivion, most of the others I left in place.

'Twas a great place to be employed, surrounded by the Great Gold Rush history.

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