The Lumberyard For Model Shipwrights

Professor, I bought the wood for a MSB Battle station that was done by the Lumberyard. The 3 cannon were omitted in the initial package, and I PMed Dave about that. He's on this site, usually showing us the details of the Hahn ship models. The cannon showed up a few days later.


There is at least one gentleman who has purchased the wood for a ships. Mike Y is working up the "Cromwell" with Lumberyard wood:


You may want to search this site, using the ship names.

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Have a look here:  at the pinned topic at the top for wood suppliers.  There's also two on the front page as sponsors here.


Quite a few of us have used The Lumberyard.  He wood generally needs a thickness sanding although I do believe he still offers milled wood.  

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Appreciate the note, but I use Lumberyard jig and plans, however replacing all wood with the one from Arkowood. See my whining in the first few pages of the log (page 2 and 3), there are clear photos, the conclusion is up to you.


Lumberyard has a good inventory, but when ordering - please be super pedantic about what you need. Things like

1) Allowed amount and severity of defects in the wood you get

2) Finishing sanding grit. That was a bummer for me - I ordered a milled wood and got something so rough that needed thickness planer / sander or a lot of time wasted on tedious sanding. With a totally different thickness in the end

3) Wood type. I wanted "swiss pear and boxwood" - got a non-swiss (not kiln dried) pear for the frames, which has a different colour. Not saying this is better or worse, but it is definitely not something that I expected :)


So, I guess, with all that precautions they could be used. However, there are many new suppliers - the famous one is Crown Timberyard that provides a dramatically different quality and no need for sanding / re-milling. Stuff is just perfect out of the box and looks exactly like you expect.

Lumberyard have a much better selection of woods though, so if you have a tools to mill your own wood (or, at least, to thickness it) - they could be used for less popular woods bought in some rough form (sheets, billets).


Sorry for getting that dirty laundry out, but with the lack of a proper "rating" system and such a limited amount of wood suppliers, guess it is better to share.

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