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Hi Chap,

My two cents worth....

Yup, can be a little more of a challenge to Step Masts if the holes are slightly oversize, but nothing wrong with a wedge or two if necessary, you then still have the option to do fine "Tweaks" to line things up if necessary.


For my BN II, I attached  Shroud Gangs first on both Main Masts, Attach Deadeyes, (Channels), Gauge Deadeye spacing, Reeve and Tie off this gave lateral stability, the Top Masts were stepped after this, again no glue, Shrouds, Deadeyes added again.

I made up the various Booms but did not install until after the above was completed as the Booms slide up and down the Masts on their Parrels and the final position of these is determined, (And held), by Running Rigging. (I don't know if the "Scientific" kits cater for Parrels/Boom Jaws so the doctrine may be to install prior to stepping the Masts)


General rule I believe is that Shroud Gangs are laid on as you say Starboard/Port

Work "Aft and Up" :)

Inside to outside

Standing Rigging first

Work evenly from starboard to port with rigging


For tying off Shrouds around Deadeyes and other Rigging, I form a loop at each end with the line that is to be terminated, hold with an Alligator Clip, (Nice and close), Sewing thread to "Pinch" the Loop behind the "Clip" with a couple of overhand knots, secure with a bit of clear Nail Varnish, once dry, remove the Clip and trim the thread and short end of the Line.

Once you've got one end done repeat with the other end, you can tension away with the Alligator clip holding the line until you have the desired effect. No unsightly Knots!!

Alligator Clips are awesome to hold rigging until things are "Harmonised" as Rakes of Masts etc alter as various Stays Etc are added, the Clips allow endless adjustment, when youre happy, tie off the loops. :)

Have an experiment first.


Anyway, others might, (And probably do), have a different way of approaching things.

(After a few years of this Hobby, I am still learning heaps of stuff, and, still make silly mistakes. :))


At the end of the day Sir, your model looks Great!!

I think that the best way to approach things is what you feel is logical and the method and procedure that "Flows" best for you.


(A really good guide is Mr Earl's Practicum for the BN II)


I'll do this: "Keep plenty of aspirin on hand and watch my language, if at all possible." :)

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HOF - the Scientific one page plans that I have make no mention of Parrels for the masts but depict them on a small photo of the completed model. The plans only depict masts, boom and gaff jaws, so it looks like I'll either have to fabricate them or purchase them. I'm trying to create davits for the anchors which, also are one of the items not mentioned for this kit. Like I mentioned above, I'm getting some good experience in fabricating parts! Thanks once more for all of your help and things to consider! :) I also saved Mr. Earl's Practicum as a reference.

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Hi Robert,


My version of the Bluenose II (billing boats) didn't provide parrels either.  Took the expedient of glueing the jaws to the mast when I was sure where I wanted the gaffs positioned (I wired them on until then).

 All depends on how far you want to take the model.  You're doing well at fabricating so I'll look forward to see what you decide.


Keep up the good work - it's fun to watch.

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