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Looking for Jeff's (Hobbymill) Saw operation guide

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I received the table saw from Micro Mark for Christmas and I am very pleased with it.

I am looking for the download of Jeff's (Hobbymill) saw operation pdf guide.

Does anyone have it or give me a link to it?

I've done some different Google searches but nothing comes up.


Mark Taylor suggested that I should look at the blades from Thurston (which I will do).


Thank you.



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Although Jeff is no longer in the business of supplying wood for us, I hope he is still here and watching us.

Thanks Jeff (again) for those great boards and pieces. You did well by teaching a younger fellow (not Chuck, of course) and the'kid' is doing a nice job as well as you did.

Your instructions are well taken and saved. I use them without fail (well except about the dust problem, but that is my concern)

If anyone knows who the 'kid' is . . . .

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