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Have not tried it but reviewed info available from internet. Tung oil is a seed oil. It has been used in coatings for centuries in China. The dark form is a mixture of tung oil and gilsonite which I believe is an asphalt of some kind. . The supplier sells a version with 3 dipentene solvent to cut viscosity. I recommend you review the SDS (safety data sheet) for product before using especially safe handling and protective gear. Terpene solvents are also quite flammable. You can find more info on the constituents by googling the list CAS numbers. Pure tung oil dries through oxidation like linseed oil darkens with age but at a slower rate than linseed oil. asphalt also oxidizes but I could not find any info on its impact on that property either positive or negative. My educated guess is that it is substantially less oxidatively stable than pure tung


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