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Greetings from snowy Michigan

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Greetings, all!


With some cold, snowy days ahead, it's time to do some model building!


I just started working on Midwest's Muscongus Bay lobster smack. It's actually been in the stash for years, but I haven't worked up the courage. But I just finished a wooden doll house for my daughters, and that turned out well, so I'm in a wood working mood. I hope to get some photos taken and start a build log - I'm sure I'll have questions and issues will arise!


I did build a Midwest dinghy several years ago, and that turned out well. At one point my parents bought me the Swift pilot boat, and that proved too much for my skills at the time. But maybe I can return to that in the future as well.


I've done some plastic ships in the past, including a Revell Cutty Sark and Bounty and a Sandpiper that both turned out well, as well as some plastic airplanes, including a bunch of WWI fighters in 1/72 - a different kind of rigging fun! But my main focus over the years has been Indy cars, both the (few available) plastic kits and resin kits. I have a 1963 Novi almost done.


Anyway, it's been fun looking through what others have done, and like I said I hope I can get a thread going soon. Thanks!

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Welcome aboard Macsparty,


Can you please tell us your name? Or is it Mac?


I wish we had some snowy days ahead, but alas, no real winter in the Netherlands.


You've come to the right place. There are a lot people here who are willing to help and advise and answer any questions you might have. We are all here to help and encourage each other.


We have a topic for other hobbies and interestst here: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/1940-other-hobbies-interests-or-pastimes-that-you-enjoy/

Maybe you can share some pictures of your dollhouse.


Good luck with your build and I wish you smooth sailing and happy modeling.




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Welcome aboard from snowy N.E Ohio. I also come from a woodworking backround and your skills will serve you well. I also built the plastic Cutty Sark and probably the same WWI war planes you did.


You have come to the right place to prepare yourself for the Swift. Good luck on the lobster smack. I will be sure to follow along your build log, since I am not sure I know what a "smack" is.

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Thanks, Darrell. I have learned that a smack is a vessel equipped with live wells used to keep live catch - in this case, lobsters. And I don't even like lobster. :)

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