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planking the hull

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I am brand new to ship building and I am stuck. I am to the point of planking the hull, but I don't know where to begin. Do I start at the keel and work up or vice-versa. I have a book on the subject, but I am still lost. This is a plank on bulkhead kit.

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What is the kit?  I am currently planking a Bounty and started with the wale then planked from the wale downwards (both side) and have just started with the wood above the wale.


If your kit uses two layers of wood and you are on the first layer then it does not matter. If one layer of wood or you are on the second layer then planking the area that (may) be covered with copper plates first is helpful as it allows you to make your mistakes where they will be hidden. Leave visible wood as late as possible so then end model looks better...

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